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Hi,   I am trying to connect my smart tv to talk talk internet..   while doing so, I am asked to provide the following ......  IP address       subnet mask    and gateway      where would i be able to find all of those please.   also, in the process, I am asked to press the WSP button, but nothing change.

If what I am saying makes any sense...  can someone please help .

Many thanks


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You would only need that information if you really want to allocate the IP address on the TV itself, which is not recommended. Let the TV get its IP address automatically from the router (DHCP). I assume that you are trying to connect the TV via Wi-Fi & not Ethernet since you mention WPS? What happens if you try & connect manually, do you see your router's network name displayed & if so enter its WiFi password?


WPS can be OK, but should always be left disabled in the router until you want to connect a new device via this method. Without knowing the make/model of TT router that you are using, I cannot tell you how to check this.

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