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tv box dont record when tv is off


Hya, just a question, we are watching tv and we have to go so when we press record and turn the tv off we fined out later that  it stops recording, also when we press record in advance and we look back at the program it says recording failed? it does record when we are watching tv it just stops recording when we turn the tv off? any suggestion on what to do,thank you

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Hi @Dutchy66 


I've not come across this before so just a couple of checks.


Is the "Antenna Out" enabled (Settings > Picture and sound.)? This is just to check that you are watching through the TT box. Could you try adjusting the Power Standby mode to "always ready" and see if this makes any difference. You are not turning the box off at the back are you?


Are you using the Electronic Programme Guide to schedule your recordings?

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HYa, thank you so much, it seems to work now but will try to record something tonight, just recorded something and turned tv of and it kept recording, so hoe its sorted, the antenna out was disabled, so turned that on and also turned on standby to always, so hope that sorted it, will let you know, thank you again