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2nd TV box not tuning in all terrestrial channels

Wizz Kid



I have multiroom and a 2nd TV in an upstairs bedroom - this works ok with the Internet (boost) channels but I never receive the full range of TalkTalk terrestrial / aerial TV channels on this TV.


Both receivers are DN372T boxes.

I am using the TV out from my lounge receiver - this goes via a small amplifier to my TV in the upstairs bedroom.


My 'main receiver in the lounge works fine (this receives 166 TV aerial and 79 subscription channels) 

My 'second' DN372T box upstairs is currently receiving 126 TV aerial and 79 subscription channels)


I have tried checking / replacing the connections here and there and it has improved slightly. I have also retuned a number of times, including with no aerial plugged in at all.

PS, channels do seem a bit weaker upstairs so I guess this is a clue to the issue?

Any suggestions please?


Many thanks AC

Community Team



This could be to do with the aerial if it is only terrestrial channels.


One thing to try, is to swap the boxes over and retune both and see if the other box receives the same amount of channels upstairs.





Wizz Kid

Hi Karl,


Many thanks for your reply - it does seem to be the next logical step. Also after taking the 2nd box downstairs and tuning the channels in, I will know that I will have tuned in using the full signal strength (easier for testing when the box goes back upstairs)


Thanks again, great advice as always.

Have a great day!

Community Team

No Problem 🙂


Do let me know how you get on.