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£4 Charge for Multiroom TV

Team Player

Just spoken to Talk Talk Help Line who are addiment that the £4 charge is for Multiroom TV only.  Asked them to remove this additional charge from my account and was told they could do this but I would lose the TV service.  Told them I wanted the TV service but not the multiroom add-on as I did not have an additional TV.  They could not do this and when pressed I enventually got an addmission that it was an increase to the overall service NOT JUST FOR MULTIROOM ADD_ON!!!!!!!!!!!


So why did not Talk Talk come straight out with this in their email, instead of trying (badly) to disguise it as and Add-on?



Community Team



The TV Charge is an encompassing charge for all the TalkTalk TV Services.


This is not a charge for multiroom.  The Multiroom charge is actually being dropped and included with the overall TV charge.


Full details can be seen here :