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£4 POUNDS EXTRA for TV, WHAT !!! & FOR WHAT ?????

Wise Owl

Can an OCE please confirm that I won't be charged an extra £4.00 per month for TV as I didn't even need or want it to begin with at point of sale years ago and still don't even need it to be 100% honest, a box that gathers dust, thats all it does, but when I joined talktalk years ago they said on phone "do you want the tv box, it's free ?" I remember saying NO I didn't want it as it wouldn't be used, the sales agent said " why not, its free, doesn't cost you anything ?", I said well in that case just include that too then in the package, it's free, no harm done I guess", I'm not interested in it though, I made that clear to them, I've been with TalkTalk for a good few years now.


Can an OCE confirm for me that I will NOT BE CHARGED this extra £4.00 per month, I wish to opt out of tv, I got the email saying I would be charged £4.00 per month, I need this stopped a.s.a.p please, I opt out of tv, also please confirm that it won't effect my current ongoing package price that is fixed with talktalk please ?


I know it's the weekend but I will wait paitently until Monday on your reply.


Thank you. 


p.s, F.A.O OCE's, if your department cannot deal with this can you please pass it to directly to the C.E.O's please, thanks. 

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First Timer

Phone them and hammer them on the charge - I've just done so and got it credited for next month so I don't effectively have to pay it. I'm leaving after that anyway but if enough people do the same they are going to have to collectively back down - but as is always the case they will just expect people to not notice until it's in place. And they will answer today, as I've only done this in the last 1/2 hour. Good luck . . .

Conversation Starter
No need to ‘hammer them’. Just call customer services or use online chat and ask for TalkTalk TV to be removed from your package. Very easy and straightforward and the only effect is that you won’t be able to order TalkTalkTV boosts.
Wise Owl

Thanks guys.


I'm just off the phone to them and told them to take the tv service off of my account etc, the guy/agent said that he done that for me and also said that the tv box will still work as normal apart from not being able to purchase movies and things like that, well at least I think that's what he said, hard to make out their accents when talking but he said it was all sorted and wouldn't effect my current contract or monthly price etc.


So I hope he's 100% correct or I will hammer them as the second last guy suggested to do, lol. 

Router TalkTalk HG635 - Firmware v1.06t on Faster Fibre with Fibre Speed boost 76/20Mbps - unlimited calls phone boost, TV -n/a
Community Manager - TT Staff

Hi @Hammertime


Thanks for posting, iIcan see that you've already spoken with one of my colleagues on the phone to remove the fee. If you've any other questions just let me know. 



Stephen, Community Manager

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