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£4 TalkTalk TV charge - opting out??




I’d be grateful if someone could give me some advice on the following, please.


I’ve just received an e-mail from TalkTalk, advising that my TalkTalk TV package will be costing me an extra £4 from 28th Feb.


I don’t have any TV boosts and I don’t watch ppv movies etc, so my TV usage is limited to the following;


  1. Watching the Freeview channels (with 7 day catch up),
  2. Pausing/rewinding live TV and recording freeview channels and;
  3. Using the On Demand players (iPlayer, ALL4 etc)

My question is;


If I opt out of the £4 increase, will I still be able to use my Youview box and have full access to 1), 2) and 3) above?


Sorry in advance if this question has been asked/answered before – I’ve browsed the forums and have ended up more confused that when I started.


If I am able to opt out of the £4 charge without losing access, perhaps an OCE would be able to help me with the opt out process via the forums?


Many thanks all.

First Timer

Id like to know this to. I was told by sales that its charges for recording, playing and rewinding live tv but the e-mail did'nt say anything about that. But I thought the talktalk box has its own memory and hard drive. so the box which we had to pay a one off fee for in the start dose that anyway. many free view boxes you can buy now do the same at no charge. The Email says it allows me to access the many different players but most free view boxes do that at no charge. so that brings it down to watching in an extra room which I do not use. But if that was the case it would be a extra option not somthing that is added to every bill. So it looks like there trying to charge you £4 for nothing. Other companys charge for the tv an give more channels for it I see no reasion for this extra money apart from the fact that talktalk wont more money and can not up the prices of the internet because of there promies.

Wizz Kid

@yogaman  yes, the three features you list are still available if you do not subscribe to TalkTalk TV.


If you do not subscribe to TalkTalk TV you lose:


  1. the ability to subscribe to Boosts (Sky Sports, Entertainment etc)
  2. the ability to buy and watch content from the TalkTalk TV Store on the TV box.  Purchased content can still be watched on other platforms, just not on your TV box.

You retain:


  1. the ability to watch, record, fast forward and rewind Freeview channels
  2. the ability to use apps such as iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, NowTV, Netflix.  If you don't pay TalkTalk for the content then you can still access it.


For a more official answer @OCE_Karl gives good information here.

Community Star
Hi Yogaman, John_G is correct I already cancelled my tv service and my box works fine.
Try the chat option, the OCE team are going to be very busy in the next few weeks!
Regards Divsec, I don't work here, know little, and have too many opinions.
Hi All

Many thanks for your replies - helps put my mind at rest - much appreciated!

l can now go ahead with opting out of the TV package & save myself £4 a month.

Kind regards.
Community Manager

Hey @yogaman


I can see you've already got an answer to your initial question about what you can still do with the box, we can help with removing the fee, I just want to check you're not making use of any of the other TV benefits such as the boost which would be lost with removing the TV charge. 


I've sent you some questions to you, once I hear back from you we'll be able to remove the fee for you. 




Hi Stephen


Many thanks for getting back to me.


I've replied to your enquiry via PM, as requested.


Kind regards.