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£8.50 Sky Sports offer

Popular Poster

I've just taken a new contract with the Sky Sports offer boost for £8.50.  I asked two different CS people 3 times each as to whether or not these channels are SD or HD. Both told me they were HD and I said, when placing my order, that my new contract was on the basis that they were HD channels. Having just looked through the Sky Sports channels there is no ID to say they are HD channels, nor do they appear in the HD chanels list on the EPG. Can anyone please tell me if they are SD or HD?. If they are HD then the quality is disappointing and I won't be happy to find out they are only SD.

Community Star

Hi @Keith723


They are SD but the quality is exceptionally fine and they upscale very well.


 Gondola - I'm a TVPlus customer *
TalkTalk Team

there are many levels of SD and the sports boost is at the very top of them and not far of the lowest level of HD...

Popular Poster

Thanks for the swift replies - I believe I have a cooling off period to cancel but to be told by 2 separate CS advisors after I asked them 3 times each that they are HD is wrong and TT needs to be aware that this is what is being told to customers.



TalkTalk Products Team
Hi Keith,

Thanks for raising this with us. I will bring it to the attention of the contact centre managers so that it doesn't happen again.

Thanks, Holly
TalkTalk Team

I am sorry you were told this...I am the COO of the business and will ensure this is fixed....will pull the calls and make sure better coaching of the teams.....if you make sure your profile is updated...and the OCE team will grab it and someone will contact you...charles

Popular Poster

Thanks. Good to know that this forum is monitored by TT heirarchy and things can be put into place to remedy this.



Popular Poster

Thanks Holly. It's a bit disappointing to be told that you're getting something of a particular quality only to find that you're not. I'm pleased though that Charles has responded too and to learn that things will put into place to correct it.

TalkTalk Team

Hi, we have made sure this is trained again into the call centres today...i won't say it is full HD quality because it isn't but as an SD feed I find it very good and watching the arsenal game tonight looks great....good to see Vardy playing well...we did spend last year a substantial sum upgrading all the incoming  feeds and encoders etc in the network to improve the quality, bit rate a high end SD feed for £8.50 for 18 months it is great value and hope you enjoy it but it is your call if you would like to cancel...fully understand.

Popular Poster

Hi CharlesB


Thanks for taking the time to keep me informed. Pleased to hear that training has been implemented on this and pleased also that you have replied in your own time. I too have watched the Arsenal vs Leicester match just now and must agree that for high end SD, definition is very very good. Unfortunately, probably for yourselves and myself, I'm an ex broadcast engineer so I'd like to think that my visual acuity is probably keener than a lot of people. As you're aware, my gripe was being told that it was HD. So as a result of viewing live football and watching a selection of Sky Sports channels, I've decided to keep my subscription. Anyone reading this who is thinking of getting this boost, I would say to them "Go for it!" For £8.50 it's bargain and you won't be disappointed I'm sure.


Great match btw!






Team Player

Hi. I bought the Sky Sports package at £8.50 pm. On the Talktalk page it clearly states that the channels are in SD not HD. Mind you as previously stated the picture quality is excellent.