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Account will be transferred to Rakuten TV.

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Advice please.

What are the ramifications as regards -


we are receiving e-mail re another e-mail today: "From 31 July, your account will be transferred to Rakuten TV"


Are there any additional costs involved?


Can't see anything as regards TTTV in the TT control panel.

We have never signed up for TalkTalktv. We have never logged in to TalkTalkTV. We do not have a Youview box. We have never requested, watched or in any other fashion requested access to TalkTalkTV - in fact we made a specific point when first offered a Youview box service that we did not want it and that we did not want the speed of our connection reduced in order to cater for it. E-Mail from TT also says "We’re contacting you because at some point you joined Blinkbox or TalkTalk TV Store (more recently renamed by renting, buying films or TV shows, or simply registering your email address."

This statement is untrue - see the comment above.


Any info / advice most appreciated.


I will add that, though we have been very happy with our TT Fibre and Phone services we are irritated at the constant price increases for what amounts to the same service - but thats another discussion that we will be having with TT direct shortly...


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Hi @kgbkgb


Blinkbox was bought by Tesco who then sold it to TalkTalk and it became TalkTalk TV Store and now TalkTalk TV.


At some time you'll have signed up to Blinkbox or Tesco Clubcard TV or TalkTalk TV Store and hence your email address and the related account that has been inherited by TalkTalk is in the process of being moved to Rakuten. 


Simple solution: Do nothing.  If you have no purchased content and if you don't sign up to Rakuten then the account will be automatically deleted.

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Thanks for the swift and useful reply Gondola - it will have been Tesco Clubcard etc.