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Additional device set-up

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Hi Fre55die,

Thanks for your updates - so there are several things to try!

To look at your last post re: HDM 2/DVI first,

When I access the System menu, the only 'DVI' option I get is DivX (R) Video on Demand which gives the following message:

"You must register your device to play DivX (R) protected videos", give me a Registration Code and tells me to register at

When I followed the URL I was told that since I did not have any DivX protected videos I did not need to register and there was nothing for me to do, but gave me the option to download some software - which I declined.

I spoke to Samsung and they talked me through a reset of the TV, but I has not changed anything.  They told me that the HDMI 2 connection was able to tell what sort of device was attached so that there should be no problem attaching the DVD player to HDMI 2.  Certainly the socket works because I can attach my laptop successfully.

I have tried connecting with the HDMI cable that I normally use for TT box, and also tried connecting the DVD player to HDMI 1 socket. 

Once selected as the source, on both HDMI 1 & HDMI 2, the Tools>Info' panel gives me a resolution of 640 x 480 @ 67Hz, but I am still unable to communicate with the device. (normaly on HDMI 1 with TT box attached the resolution is 1920 x 1080 @ 50p.

So I am beginning to think that the device may be faulty - however I will respond to your other posts before going any further.

Regards, Vic

Team Player

Hi again fre55die,

So firstly, I have disconnected and reconnected the power.  I have power at the DVD player, because as soon as it is plugged in the 'blank' clock appears in the display (dimly) and when I press the power button the "HELLO" message scrolls across the display panel. Furthermore at intervals the device makes a clicking sound like a disc tray about the eject.  However I cannot get the tray to actually eject.  In fact the tray front seems 'solid' I would have expected it to be spring loading and that on pressing it, it would 'give' a little, but I get no response from it at all.

As far as resetting the device, holding the power button down seems to have no effect.

If the device is in standby mode, then as soon the the button is pressed the 'HELLO' message appears and holding the button in has no further effect.  If the button is released and then pressed again it goes into standby mode and continuing to hold the button down does not have any effect.  The 'blank' clock does not disappear and device does not appear to restart in any way.

So either there is a fault with the device or I need to get the powered splitter you mentioned.


I need to go back and respond to your earlier posts, so I will do that now,

Regards, Vic

(PS wife back home, albeit with wrist in plaster, so domestic chores beckon for the next couple of weeks!)

Team Player

Hi fre55die,

Quick update on LG HDD/DVD player.

It looks like there is either a fault with the device or an incompatibility issue. 

I have had an on-line chat with LG Support. They were not a great deal of help, but as a result of chat I have tried to connect the device to another TV that is not attached to anthing else.  I got the same issues - when I selected HDMI as the source I got a "No signal" message.

So I am putting that on the back burner for a while, unless you have any further ideas?

Regards, Vic

Team Player

Hi fre55die,

So, to catch up on your earlier response:


A step by step guide may be useful, but it sounds as though I might have some issues with the devices themselves that need to be resolved.  For the moment lets ignore the LG HDD/DVD player.  I can record using the TT box, the Hitachi offers VHS & DVD so if we can get that working the LG device is redundant.


Yes, I think the Hitachi device is pre-digital - we used it when the grandchildren were little and now they are teenagers!


So, no aerial required for the Hitachi and presumably no need for the powered 4 way splitter unless TV signal is poor? That make things simpler, yes? 


Presumably then all I need is a SCART cable to connect the Hitachi to the TV and select 'Ext' on the TV as the source?


Going back to the splitter - I am not ruling that out, but it sounds like a separate issue concerned with TV channels rather than getting the VHS/DVD working.  I am actually located in postcode NN2 - Northern edge of Northampton, and we receive BBC East which shows up in the tuner as Cambridgshire and Bedfordshire.  The TV source info panels say I get 121 TV channels, 33 radio channels, 18 Data/Other channels making 172 in all, so it sounds as though I am missing some, although I am not concerned about getting 'duplicates' from nearby regions.


So next step is to get a SCART cable and maybe a 4-way splitter as well.

Regards, Vic

Community Star

Hi @VicF47


Great news about your wife althougth as you say you're going to have to don a pinnie and the marigolds and dig out those takeaway menu's out that you've not been allowed to use !!! LOL


Anyway here's a link to your transmitter which shows the programmes you should receive and on which frequencies. I got this using just NN2 although these areas can be large and may not be accurate if you are on the borders of 2 transmitters so it's worth you entering your full postcode here


From this list which channels are you missing? as then we can see if it's all in a whole frequency missing (meaning aerial problems) or just a few, meaning that perfectionists would say get out an aerial expert, I would say let's bung a booster in for £15 and see if it works !! LOL


A couple of quick thoughts about the LG. If it hasn't been used for a long time the trays can jam and they hide the PINHOLE to open it that way these days. I'm wondering if you used to have it set up to use the SCART output, so you would need to try it connected with one of those and an HDMI lead also connected to change the settings to HDMI from the menu (I have one that's apparently a rebadged LG and for some reason I have to have both output leads connected for these settings, then disconnect the SCART). If it's not that then it's BYE BYE to it I'm afraid unless you know somebody although the extra HDD is always useful.


It's a shame that you live so far away as I have about 20 SCART leads lying around waiting for disposal . I wouldn't normaly but as it's only £1 If you click on the 9 new from  £1 Amelily-Ltd are offering them at £1 with free postage.



The setup with just TT Box and TV is the aerial splitter that you bought into wall socket and an aerial lead into TT BOX AERIAL IN and the other in to TV aerial each separately. HAVE YOU BOUGHT 2 HIGH QUALITY AERIAL LEADS? as cheap ones like some of the supplied ones can pick up interference and give a dodgy signal as I discovered recently, costing me about 3 hours trying to sort it. Them HDMI from box to HDMI1on TV.


When you get a SCART lead it's connect to the BOTTOM SCART socket on the player to the INPUT on TV.

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