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Advice needed on best way to get my boost channels in another room?

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I'm new on here and hoping for some advice. I've been looking at the multiroom option but it does a lot more than I need and ideally I wouldn't want a box in the other room. So is there a simpler option? All I really want to be able to do is sometimes be able to watch my boost channels in another room, not both rooms at the same time, the TV itself is a smart TV with Freeview HD built in so no need for anything there. I was hoping that maybe powerline adaptors ,one attached to the TalkTalk Plus box in the lounge and the other attached to the TV in the dining room would work? Or an ethernet cable going from one to other? I guess my question is would either of these options (or one I haven't thought of) work as long as the TV and the box are on the same network and are connected (not wirelessly, I know that's not possible).

Can anyone with more knowledge help out with some advice please

Thank you in advance 

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hi wecome


u would need to see what it says on the site for it. as boost would only work on talktalk boxs.


they do charge £4.00 per month for the service of 2 boxs on the system. and look like the 2 box would cost u £25.00. and there is a set up fee of £25.00 but u could try talking or chatting with the Loyalty team as the can offer better deals on a new contract offer for u.


Are u on Fibre Broadband as u need to be for this as the higher the speed the better the boxs will work as 2 working on Boost at the same time does use some bb speed 


the 2 ways u have said would not work as of the following:


"I was hoping that maybe powerline adaptors ,one attached to the TalkTalk Plus box in the lounge and the other attached to the TV in the dining room would work?"

Power lines work by passing a internet connection to another device can not pass channel signals via them 


SO they can be used for tv box`s and computer and laptops any thing that need internet connection via a wired ethernet lead.


Sadly the talktalk boxs are not wireless.


"Or an ethernet cable going from one to other?"

Do u mean a cable going from one tv box to the othere tv box.


what u could do is this either get the OCE team to help answer ur qestion more clearly as they have better know what can be done and how.


Have u read the info on it here explain what they do and broaband speeds need for it 


as u would need to have another box in the dining room to get and use talktalk boost channels and it would be a standard one not a plus one - so no recording on one by can on the other one.


Can ia sk what router u have ?? and also what is the wifi like in the room where the box would be. 


I can say u can get help on here if need but the good thing would be a bright spark of talktalk would come and set up for u and help if need on resloving and issues while setting up.


also u dining room will need a aerial connection or lead so u can watch free to veiw tv channels.


And inf u did need any help fixing somthing u can post on here under a thead in atopic and we would help out.


The best way i know to get help is on here can take longer but they are so helpful and nice better than the call staff and chat room team.



Hope that helps answer u qestions u have need any more info or help just reply back and i or someone will reply back to u.





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Hi, thank you for your reply. It is only the channel boost supplied over the internet that I want to get. There is an aerial connection in the room and the TV has built in Freeview + so the TV can take care of all those channels by itself. That's why I thought that either of my ideas might work. I have the Faster Fibre boost and the router is the one supplied by TalkTalk when I upgraded to fibre. The wifi in the room is pretty good and consistent, I have a decent powerful wifi extender but the wifi isn't bad in that room without it, I have the extender to reach further than that room.

So you don't think that I would be able to pick up the over internet channels without an extra box? I didn't really want a box in there, there's no reasonable place to put it, the TV is on a wall and there isn't much room to put up a shelf or something to put the box on, that's why I'm trying to find another solution. I had read all the available information on multiroom but it does a lot more than I need and I have to have a box, so not really the most convenient solution for me right now. Don't suppose the box could be hung vertically on the wall?

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Hi @fupi21


The simple answer is either PowerLine Adaptors or a long ethernet cable and physically move the box when you want to watch it there. If you connect an HDMI cable into the other TV and leave it connected, then it is just a case of move the power plug and the box into the other room connect the aerial and HDMI into box and away you go.

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