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All the joy has gone from using TalkTalk TV

Enlightened One

I have been a TalkTalk TV triallist for quite some time now and operate a DN372T box principally for watching and recording terrestrial tv and occasional use of Netflix, iPlayer and All 4 player. 


In recent weeks I have increasingly experienced programmes failing to record,  recordings dramatically reduced in length from what they should be,  getting black screens on selection of recordings, box freezing, loss of ability to use the remote and other critical annoyances.


The only solution to most of these failures I find is to perform Maintenance Resets, thereby deleting all recordings and then having to set up the box again completely.  A lengthy and agonising process every time!


The DN372T box and/or it's current software is clearly unfit for purpose.  Until TalkTalk replaces the box and/or it's software with something that works, I feel that TalkTalk should backtrack its software, perhaps to the simpler menu offering of the Humax Retail boxes that do seemingly appear to work reasonably reliably.  


I would be very interested to hear what OCE's and other TalkTalk TV users have to say.



Chat Champion

Well I couldn't agree more (other than Maintenance Resets being a solution to any of those problems, of which I've experienced all and found that, other than deleting the blank recordings, the resets don't actually change anything).


Perhaps it's time for folks to be demanding compensation?  At least a dropping of the £4 TV charge (for those that didn't get an opt out due to it being introduced mid contract)?

Popular Poster

yes joy gone.. and appears never to return! I have raised several faults a big complaint but nothing seems alot of others have too. Do talktalk monitor this? anyone looked into fault report direct to Huawei? head and brick wall come to mind.

customer of TalkTalk