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BBC iPlayer freezes constantly

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I am having problems with iPlayer and other apps that are Internet sourced, such as ITV Hub etc, on my tv.


Every few minutes the picture freezes and I have to either shut down the TalkTalk box and/or shut down and restart my router (often both).


I can watch iPlayer on my computer without any problems and I can watch Sky Sports on my TV (I use a boost).


My TalkTalk box is connected with a yellow cable to a 'TP-Link' repeater, but as I say, SkySports works OK and my broadspeed is quite good, it is often around 35 - 41 mbps.


It is getting to the point where it is impossible to watch these type of programes/apps.


Can you help me?

Community Team



I've updated the router firmware, can you retest and see if this helps.





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Hi and thanks for the response.


I have just watched a program lasting for an hour and although I didn't have to turn everything off and start again, it 'stuttered' for approximately thirty or forty times.  The lengths of the pauses was between five to fifteen seconds. Not very easy to watch :(


I don't know what I'm really talking about noq, but it gives me the impression that something is blocking up and everything stops until whatever it is gets cleared away.  Like in the old days when you had to clear the temp file until the cache was free.


Anyway, that's what's happening now.  BTW, I had a 35-37 broadspeed.




I don't know if this makes any differences but as I said earlier, the TalkTalk box is connected through a cable attached to a TP-Link.  But as I said, I get good pictures from Sky and obviously that is on the same cable.  I can't see a way of checking the speed from the TP-Link because the only laptop I can attach to the cable works on Windows 10, and that won't work on the TP-linl





Wizz Kid

Watch, buffer, circle, resume. Watch, buffer, circle, resume. Watch, buffer, circle, resume.


This is a known problem which is being currently investigated by the BBC and YouView team.

The problem is also highly intermittent and so doesn't affect the majority. As such, its a hard one to nail down. But its not your box, speed, or connection.



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I watcheda programme last evening for about one hour and there were no stutters at all.  Perhaps this has done the trick, I'll try and watch another soon and let you know.



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The service is now much better, not perfect but watchable.


Thanks for your help...