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BT Sports Issues

Community Team

Hi Everyone.


Just want to make you aware of a possible issue with BT sport subscriptions. If you have recently taken a subscription on line with BT sports (or are planning to), BT have advised they have had a system issue recently and some online requests may not have been set up correctly.  Online transactions may not register correctly and we do advise that you contact BT directly via phone to set up your subscription.   BT are investigating currently and if you do have an issue receiving BT sports via the youview box we advise you contact BT directly to check your account details and if required, to remove and then recreate your account.  This is not something that we can do here, this can only be actioned by BT.





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Wizz Kid

I suggest this problem becomes a sticky until such time as its fixed.

First Timer

I've got this problem been ongoing for 5 days, BT & Talktalk blaming each other asking me to call the other one. It's a farce but then again the CustmrSrv from both companies is & always has been a joke. No one willing to take responsibility. I've put it on social media after over 3 hours on the phone tonight  culminating with someone at BT asking me for my talktalk viewing card number. Useless.