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Cancel my contract

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Hi, I renewed my contract through my online account. It said any current offers would be carried over. I had free anytime calls but now they're costing me £12. I can't find any way to discuss this and am seriously fed up. Not even online chat! Vodafone still have call centre staff available.

It said I could cancel within 20 days of upgrading so I want to do that. I want to cancel and be in a position to leave for a new provider. I can't see any alternative as talking to people at, ironically, Talk Talk is possible.

How do I do this?


Community Star

If you want to cancel you need to talk to the loyalty team.

Whilst it's true that any current boosts are carried over, it does mean that. Each boost has an end date when on special offers, so may not expire at the same time as your renewal, hence the term used.


Yours expired at the same time as your broadband renewal was due, and your contract only covers the broadband element.


To speak to someone I understand 0345 172 0046 is currently working. Ask for Loyalty or say leaving TalkTalk when prompted and you should get through to someone to talk to.
You may though have to listen to a few lengthy recorded messages, but if you persevere you should get through to someone.
They are currently working Monday - Friday 10am-6pm

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