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Catchup TV not working on one programme

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I missed an episode of a programme I watch on the Drama channel, so I thought I would catch up with it today. Unfortunarely there is no 'dot' against the episode meaning I can't watch it. I checked back all episodes over the previous week and found that none of them are available. I find this unexpected as I have watched previous missed episodes without any problems. I know I can use the relevant player to watch the episode, but this means registering with the TV company (another new thing - GDPR, no doubt), which I am reluctant to do. In any case I am registered for the TV company's catch-up service via my subscription to Youview, so why register twice?


What is going on? Is this a blip or what?



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The apps are independent of youview. They are the provider of the services via the apps, and you need to comply with any app requirements to view.


Also not all programmes are available via catch up. Again this is dependent on the app provider.

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There are two ways of accessing earlier versions of a programme: via the Talktalk EPG and via the Broadcaster's app. The programme I want to see used to be available by either method; it is now only available via the App.


I have been in email contact with the broadcaster who sent this reply:


I can't offer advice on the TalkTalk EPG, we have no control over that, I can offer advice on the UKTV Play app, which you stated had all episodes, is that correct or are the episodes missing from that as well?


I replied that all episodes were available via the App but none appeared on the Talktalk EPG


The problem therefore lies with the TalkTalk EPG.


Can some one please fix this.

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The programme is now available again for catch-up on the Youview Guide. Thanks to whoever sorted this out.