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Contract renewal

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My contract actually expires this weekend. I currently have Faster Fibre and the £8.50 Sky Sports boost. My Faster Fibre (FF from here on in) was discounted from £33.50 to £26.50 at my previous contract renewal. 

On contacting one of the Live Chat team tonight, I was offered renewal of the Sky Sports boost at £8.50 but FF would be charged at the full £33.50 so that's £7 per month or £84 per year increase straight off the bat. 


As my Sky Sports boost was due to expire early next month I informed the agent that I'd like to remove it at which point she offered me FF at £26.50 which is more than the £25.50 that's currently being promoted. I've subsequently noticed the New Year's Deal of £23.50.


Oh dear. Is it really company practice to offer renewal deals that are more expensive than current promotions? I would have phoned the Loyalty Team but when I called the main TT number there was so much background noise on the line I gave up for the evening, so I've plugged my landline phone in to charge up overnight (a service I haven't used in months but admittedly no fault of TT) and will attempt to negotiate again tomorrow.

On a side note, I'm yet another customer who's confused about the impending £4 TV charge. While I don't use TT TV directly (no desire to purchase movies or box sets), I do use On Demand services such as BBC iPlayer and All 4 occasionally. Would the latter be subject to the £4 charge? Thanks in advance for any advice offered.

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I've just realised that I've probably posted this in the wrong part of the community, so apologies for the newbie error.

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Contract duly renewed for 24 months on the New Year's deal of £23.50 on Faster Fibre. Will open a separate thread regarding the £4 TV charge unless an OCE deems it easier to continue on this one.