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Email "We Notice your TV Box isn't connected to the internet"

Wizz Kid

I have now had another one of these emails this morning too and as before, my box is still directly wired to my router and is working fine.







The only official response from TalkTalk I have seen regarding the use of TPLink nano-routers to connect TV boxes to routers was when I informed a representative that I intended to use one, and was told that they weren't officially approved and might not work. I don't think TalkTalk are interested in the idea if they don't make any money out of it.

Team Player


I've just received my second email regarding this matter and my box is connected and working fine just rather puzzling why we are getting these email notifications!!! 

Super Duper Contributor

I got one too, but with a title of "Can we help you with your TV Box?" and


Hi Anthony (my real name - I forget it sometimes!),
We noticed that your TV box isn’t connected to your broadband at the moment, so you won’t be able to use 7-day catch-up for your favourite shows or get the full range of channels and films.


Factually correct in case; "my" TV box has been sent back some weeks ago for it's eternal rest in Silicon Heaven after it went out with a slight bang, and I've opted out of the £4-a-month charge.

Conversation Starter

I have received several of these emails recently too. As far as I'm aware my box is connected to the internet as I regularly watch Sky Arts, as well as several of the other streaming channels!  Is it a bug in the messaging system?

Community Team

Hi All,


Apologies for receiving this email incorrectly.  I will feed this back and see what we can find out for you.


Don't worry about the emails themselves, although they may have been sent incorrectly, your service will in no way be affected and you will continue to receive the great content from TalkTalk TV.





Wizz Kid

I received my second one this weekend also!

Community Team



Our teams have paused the process that triggers these emails and are now looking at this.