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Engineer booked for tomorrow, box working again though

First Timer

I'm hoping someone on here can help with this, it's too late to call or use live chat.


Yesterday our youview box wouldn't switch on at all. I tried all the usual fixes, different sockets, switching it off and on again, nothing was working. There were no lights at all on the box so I used live chat, they got me to do all the same checks before agreeing to send out an engineer to look at it.


I've just got home from work today though and I noticed the box had lit up, indicating it's recording something. I switched it on and it seems to be working fine. Now I have the engineer booked for tomorrow and it's too late to cancel, but when they get here they'll see the box is working fine and presumably I'll have to pay the call out charge.


It definitely wasn't working yesterday so I still feel there is something wrong with the box, but I don't want them to come all the way out just to say there's no problem and I have to pay. Would I be able to cancel if I called them at 8 tomorrow, or is there someone on here who can do it? I realise it's less than 24 hours notice, but as far as I knew up until now it still wasn't working.


Thanks, Steve

Community Team

Hi Steve,


It's a bit too late to cancel the engineer for this morning as he will be in the area already.   Let him take a look and see if there is a possible issue with the box.