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Error Message

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I am getting error message TTG-216 and TTG-204 anyone know what they are all about

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Hi @golflra


The TTG-204 and 216 error codes link to the same reason - Sorry this isn't available.


You could try switching off your TalkTalk TV box and TalkTalk broadband router, waiting one minute, turning back on and trying again.


Check the cable connection from the TV Box to the router and if using Powerline Adaptors that the lights are all green.


Check your internet is working by logging on to a website like using an internet connected device like a laptop and checking the website loads.


Finally make sure your TV Box software is up to date. Click on the YouView / Menu button on your TV Box remote, go to Settings from the menu on your TalkTalk TV box. Scroll down and select ‘Software Information' then ‘Update software’.  Press Close on the remote.


Now try again.

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I am also getting TTG-216 error message when trying to rent a film. Any film I attempt to rent gives the same error.


I tried turning off the equipment and restarting the box but no joy. Internet connection was fine.


The Talk Talk service has not impressed in the first 6 weeks of having it. And the lack of information on this error code is disappointing. Never had this type of problem with Sky or Virgin.


What are customers to do next?