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Free TV Downgrade!!

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Out of the blue yesterday a new "free" set top box was delivered.  Several hours later the email advising that a new box would arrive came through.  All well and good but our current box is a 370T with recording capability - that is used a lot - and the new box does not record.


Called Customer Service to query what was going on, concerned that our current box would cease to update, and was told that all customers were getting a new box and that I should install it and use it for the new features but retain the old box to record on.  Since both boxes use the same remote control I can't see how this would work and I don't want to daisy chain any more devices.


Looking at other posts I see that I should have been sent a 372T recording box - although I've then got the issue of making sure I watch all the recordings I need to before swapping the boxes over.  Since Customer Service seem not to know about the 372T how do I go about getting one delivered [free of charge as I am a TV subscriber]?


Thanks for any help/advice anyone can offer.



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You can still access and watch the recordings on the old box, and hook both up to your TV if you have spare connections.

Your remote will operate both boxes , so it is best to turn the box you wish to use on using the button on the front so it only controls one box at a time. Turn it off this way to, otherwise using the remote will turn one box off and the other on!


As to the box that has been sent, the OCE will look into next week for you regarding your criteria.

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You have received the correct box, the Lite box.


You do not have the TV charge applied or use any TV boosts.


The box was sent for free. If recording functionality is important, you can still use your existing box for recordings. If not wishing to use the new Lite Box as your main box, you can use this in another room or pass it to a family member if not required.


The Lite box will receive future updates and does support the later Amazon Prime and Now TV apps.


If a plus box is required, this can be purchased via our customer service teams.





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