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Has your LG TV lost the aerial icon in the main menu and getting a "not programmed" message

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Yeah got old Spybot SD its a firm favourite.


Once I get the hub I will keep an eye on it and see if the same happens and let you know - always good when you have someone else to compare with as the tech support on any ISP is usually pretty dire now with the exception maybe of Plusnet.


I wonder if its a chip issue like they had with Virgin Superhub and others - the Puma chip if I remember rightly had a nasty bug in the low level microcode!


Hmm the old BT from the 60's is actually wired into the kitchen cupboard at the back of the flat - the greenbox is right outside the front of the flat and my server room is miles from the kitchen so its going to be a rathe tricky job for the guy unless he can use the Virgin cabling points.


I have no idea even where the BT cabling goes as noone has used it for 30 years!



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You having and using 2 different active profilles on this post does my already messed up head in mate !!


I'm not sure, there seem to be a number of random problems with it though as there is allegedly a software update in the pipeline, under testing at present.


Allegedly back from January when the first ones were coming out !!! "The specs of the router look impressive.  They are spending a lot more money on these routers, and they are totally new, not even listed on the manufacturers website yet, so unique to us.  Everything looks really positive, but as with anything, we wont fully appreciate  until we have a chance to test it ourselves."


So there will obviously be teething problems as with any new product. Labs are all very well as everything is up to date and all connections to it are perfect but, only a customer environment can prove how many problems are really tucked away in it that REAL customers will suffer Eh !!


I'm currently trying to work out how to make some older TT supplied PLA's "talk" to the new WI -Fi extender kits !!


God I hate "home made WI-FI" and the bad networks that some default settings can make, resulting in thousands of customers plugging their "ugly" routers in and hiding them somewhere obscure and whinging about how bad their wi-fi is.


I have solved it on mine but the solution involves using one more PLA so TT wouldn't see it as a viable solution. Even D-Link can't or won't help me as some is TP-Link equipment though !! Their tech department were s++t even with my initial query which was only D-Link equipment.




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One profile for each address I own a house and a flat.

I just joined Talktalk but couldnt add my phone number to the old account as it is slightly restricted because I had an argument on here continually with a guy called Gondola i think it was - bit of a knowitall! I kept getting the "you arent authorised to view this" prompt as well!


I am a troublemaker apparently - nothing new lol

This is my new account linked to my new Talktalk account.


Yes I know what you are saying customers / users are a pain in the bum - I actually feel sorry for the helpdesks and the ISP always getting kicked in the guts like they were tonight on the Wathcdog program - they should have asked a techie to come in and explain why folks dont get the speed they advertise - explain the 50:1 contention ratio and peak times, using wifi against rj45 and also the fact that most older core2 duo laptops and pcs will never achieve the speeds they think they will with old pci bus restrictions on the nics and laptop wifi pci-e buses.
At least when I was a programmer I didnt have to deal with people - I guess thats why a lot of guys work in programming it keeps you away from the common herd which can really suck your soul!

I had an argument over on another forum with some guy who demanded 200mbps - who actually needs that speed - after denying he torrented he eventually let it slip so his gas was rapidly getting into a peep! My old Dell D630 and D830 never got more than 25mbps even on a 200mbps connection. I work in IT and i could do with 20mbps as I dont stream 4k or run anything naughty like a torrent server (I use my neighbours cracked WPA2 for that lol)!!!


Have you considered a pringles tin?


I have one spare if you decide to go for it haha and a TL25 high power aerial on my roof for grabbing Mcdonalds wifi 2 miles away!!!.

TP-Link are great and cheap - made in Poland I believe.

I have a few of their wireless kits - very reliable and they pull in a lot of signal!


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Doesnt work Freddie.


I think you can only pair with an active SUB talktalk youview box.


It tries to find the box by searching for the mac/ip on the same subnet but fails every time with the error message YVM5010 which is about as much use as a chocolate teacup as the youview support isnt listed.


Shame it would have been a useful feature.


Must try it on my brothers active Talktalk box.



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hi @omendata77


YES IT DOES a screenshot of connected ones There are also 2 old DEVOLO's which for some reason the DLINK app doesn't doesn't show although the devolo app doesn't show the Dlink ones at all so !!




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Yes you are indeed correct - i tried everything except the simplest thing which I should have known - Removed the app from the phone as it had been previously connected to my Brothers Talktalk Youview box - reinstalled and it worked first time.


Great little app.

Now all i need is a copy of the Virgin Network Remote Control App For PC for the youview box.


Would be nice to have these apps available on laptop and pc like the old Virgin one used to be until they "upgraded" it (Another of the reasons I decided to leave Virgin) - These companies seem to forget that there are some of us who prefer doing everything remotely via laptop or pc.

They seem to forget that trying to run these web apps on small mobile screens is just not fun!


The only way to run these apps on the PC is to use a workaround and use an Android Emulator - I prefer NOX to Bluestacks as its less resource hungry but its the only solution until they actually listen to customer wishes especially Virgin with the crazy changes to all their apps!