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How can I reduce time banner is on screen OR make it more transparent?

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WIth new update, whenever I change channel OR click any button Or do anything really a large, banner with channel/programme details appears, and stays on the screen for about 10 seconds. I wouldn;t want it there that long under any circumstances, and it is much more intrusive than the old banner - can I make it last for a shorter time OR make ot more transparent? If you are watching sometign with subtitles on, it ruins it!

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Hi @biffclark12


Press the Back button on the remote and any banner in the lower screen will clear. 


I think it's timed at about 7 seconds and there's no user option to adjust the timing.  But you can go into Settings and Appearance and select Transparent Backgrounds... although the current version doesn't make the banner very transparent, just slightly transparent.


If the banner seems very large then maybe the zoom button has been pressed inadvertently so just press zoom again to cancel if that's what's happened.


You never know, there might be a future roll-out that gives the user a time option for the banners. My reply above is based on the current roll-out version 72.43.185


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Thanks - the Back button tip has eased the stress! Fingers crossed there will be a future roll out.