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How do I get a faulty power supply unit replaced?


The Power Supply Unit (model HW-120200B6W) for the Huawei DN372T Youview box has failed. I was suspicious of this unit from the time it arrived, as it ran unusually hot, even when the Youview box was in the 'deep sleep' mode. It now produces no output at all, and doesn't get hot!
The Youview box itself is fine, and I can use it by borrowing an equivalent 12V 2A power supply from another piece of equipment. However, this is not a long-term solution, as I cannot use both pieces of equipment at the same time.
How do I go about getting Talk Talk to replace the faulty power supply unit without charge? I do not want an engineer to call, or to send the Youview box back, as it works fine, and contains recordings that haven't been watched. Other people have said that the customer service call centre team are not good at understanding technical problems, so how do I contact someone at Talk Talk who would be able to understand the problem?

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Hi David_Edwin


The next step is to arrange an engineer to swap out the box as we are unable to send a power supply unit by itself, the entire unit needs to be swapped.


As the engineer booking system is 'Live' and available appointments can change quickly, can you contact my TV colleagues directly.


They can arrange an engineer at a time that is suitable for you.






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Hi Karl.

Thanks for your reply, but no, it is not acceptable to change the complete Youview DN372T box. As I mentioned before, IT HAS UNWATCHED RECORDINGS which I do not wish to lose. THE BOX WORKS O.K. with a borrowed power supply - it is only the power supply unit (model HW-120200B6W that needs replacing.

I don't need an engineer to call round, as I AM A REGISTERED ELECTRONICS ENGINEER.

I understand replacing the whole kit might be the 'normal way things are done', but that is ridiculous under the circumstances.

I've had a search through some other postings, and found one by dlb1000 starting 06-11-2014. This person also simply needed a replacement power supply unit, and had the same trouble at first. I see they did get one sent in the end, after a 10 minute phone call!  I wonder if this was with the customer service call centre? Should I try this, or is there another number I can call?

Regards David.

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I've no option from our systems to order a replacement psu, but give our customer services a call and our TV colleagues may have a manual process to get this out to you.



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Hi there


I note that you are a qualified engineer BUT, in view of the amount of fires in homes caused by defective chargers I can seeTT's view on this as, should the fault be in the box itself, they would be nailed to the wall by the press if they just replaced the charger/power supply and a fire occurred. !!!!!!


You could always buy a new power supply from AMAZON or the like if you feel confident about the efficacy of the box itself.

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Thanks Karl. 

I'll try contacting the customer services phone line soon, and post the result.




Hello fre55die. 

In case others are concerned about fire risks in this instant, here are all the facts. For any readers that are not sure what the Youview box 'Power Supply Unit' is, it is the part that plugs in the mains, and supplies a low voltage to the Youview box; it is similar to a phone charger unit. 

You mentioned that the Youview box itself may have overloaded the power supply unit: This was not the case. The power unit is rated at 2 Amperes output at 12 Volts. The Youview box is drawing a current way below 2 Amperes under various modes of operation, so it is not overloading the power supply (I can supply the figures if you want them!). To confirm this, my 'borrowed' power unit is also 12V 2A output, and it only runs slightly warm when the Youview box is in use, and cold when it is in the 'deep sleep' mode. The old (faulty) Huawei power unit ran hot - even when not on load. This was supplied with the kit, and I suggest this was a fire risk from the outset. 

So the only fire risk would be if a replacement power unit was sent to me, and was faulty itself. This doesn't represent any increased risk for TalkTalk compared with the initial risk after the Youview box was first commissioned.

As for the idea of buying a replacement power supply unit on Amazon (or elsewhere), so I can retain my recordings and continue to use the box: This is a ridiculous suggestion. Why should I pay to replace the fauly unit, when it was clearly a fault in manufacture. 

Regards David.

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Hi David


I fully appreciate your comments and did start my reply with acknowledging that you are a qualified engineer and appreciate your comment about YOUR machine, I did not suggest that the Youview box itself may have overloaded the power supply unit, BUT, TT have to have a " cast in stone" response as most of their staff could not be trusted to wire a plug correctly yet alone their customers !!!


Look at some of the questions being asked overall in some of the topics for confirmation of this !!! for example someone stated a complaint that it was described as wireless and didn't realise that a phone plug and power socket for would be needed for router and box and an aerial and a lead to the box and TV would be needed, that is almost understandable as SKY is Satellite but some of the others really make you think!! .


I fully understand your frustration as I have had to suffer it 3 times. I did suggest to Both TT and the engineer (hoping that he would whip out a screwdriver and swap the drives !!) that why could TT not make the hard drive easily accessible ( it's only 4 screws and 2 internal sockets!!) so that this problem could be removed providing fault wasn't down to an HDD failure. Why can't they enable the USB to accept an external HDD for recordings/pause like my computers and SONY TV do ????


The incident does make one worry about the Quality control of the whole thing though !!


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Thanks fred55die for your comments. My wife and I both laughed about the likely inability of TalkTalk staff to wire plugs! However, you do make a serious point: I don’t think people should be able to use the term Engineer unless they are registered with the Engineering Council, which would require them to have relevant high-level qualifications. I also note you have suffered problems three times: It certainly does say something about the poor quality control. Most likely, many problems are caused by the use of cheap, sub-standard components in the equipment. I also like your ideas about being able to transfer recordings via the USB port, or exchanging the hard disks, if the box is faulty. However, I’m not sure the ‘engineers’ would be up to this!


Anyway, here is the latest instalment of the saga.

As suggested by Karl, I phoned TalkTalk customer services. I spoke to Arkash (I think). He was very pleasant and helpful, and it didn’t take long for him to gather that I wasn’t talking about a powerline adaptor. He said he could not help me with the part I needed, but would put me through to the Technical Department who should be able to assist. So far, so good.


After a short wait, I spoke to Don in the Technical Department, another pleasant and helpful person. He immediately knew what I wanted, and we discussed the tests I made to establish the fault was not in the Youview box. I asked if I could be sent a replacement Power Supply Unit, but he said that was not possible, and I would need an engineer to visit. During our conversation, I asked 3 times if the engineer could change the power supply, but not exchange the Youview box, as it was not at fault and contained many unwatched recordings. All 3 times, Don said that would be done (as long as no other faults were discovered). He said he had made notes to that effect. I was reassured, and arranged for the engineer to visit the next day (Saturday) between 12 noon and 3pm. Don asked me to agree to terms & conditions, which seemed perfectly reasonable, and I agreed. I was very satisfied, no problem with TalkTalk’s service so far.


For details of the engineer’s visit, please see my next posting.


Did I get the replacement Power Supply Unit I needed? You might like to get a cup of tea now, as this is rather lengthy!


Saturday 12 noon came and went, and I had a phone call from the ‘engineer’ saying he had been delayed by problems during the morning, and could he come between 4 and 5.30pm? I had no difficulty with this, and to be fair, he kept me posted about his arrival time by phone (very good), and arrived about 4.30pm.


< After a few pleasantries, he said that I had reported that my Youview box had gone wrong and needed replacing.

> “No,” I said, “It’s only the power unit that needs replacing.” I pointed to it.

< He said he could only replace the whole kit, TV box and power unit.

> I said I had talked to Don in TalkTalk’s Technical Department, and he assured me just the Power Supply Unit could be changed, and the TV box could be left; he said he would make a note of this. I explained that I am a Registered Electronics Engineer, and know the TV box didn’t cause the problem. I asked the ‘engineer’ if he got TalkTalk’s note.

< He said he had no note, and it didn’t matter what TalkTalk had told me, as he didn’t work for them. He said he worked for Cube, a sub-contractor.

> At this point, I tried to ring TalkTalk to get some clarification, hoping they would talk to the ‘engineer’. However, I didn’t even get the number dialled.

< He said if I continued, he would leave.

> I had to hang-up, as I assumed I would be charged for the visit if he left.

< At this point, he changed his mind, and said he would give me a new power supply unit (he called it a “Power lead!”)

> “Great,” I said, “That’s all I needed in the first place.”

It was connected to the Youview box, which then worked without any problems. Fault cured!

< He said it would go wrong again in around 3 weeks.

> I said it would only do that if he had given me another faulty unit.

< He said it is the TV boxes that blow them up.

> I said that wasn’t true in this case, and explained that the power unit ran exceptionally hot from new, even if it wasn’t connected to the TV box. I had also measured the current drawn by the TV box from the 12 Volt supply. It was less than half the 2 Amp rating, and the figures were on the table, if he wanted to see them.

< He wasn’t interested, and said that he had opened a power unit, and it had a 1 Amp fuse inside.

> I tried explaining that this fuse would be on the mains input side, but he didn’t seem to understand the significance of that.

< He started completing his report on a tablet type device, and took some details from the back of my router (he didn’t say why). He said he was going to record that he’d replaced the ‘power lead’ (power supply unit), and then said he would log the visit as ‘no fault found’.

> Alarm bells started to ring, as I remembered Don at TalkTalk’s Technical Department said I would be charged for the visit, if no fault were found. I queried this with the ‘engineer’.

< He said he had no option, but to select ‘no fault found’.

> I pointed out I might be charged for the visit.

< He said that I probably would, although he didn’t deal with the money side.

> Now, utterly frustrated, I said, “Exchange the whole kit then, I’ll have to lose my recordings.”

< He refused, saying he couldn’t do that. He passed me the tablet device, asking me to sign it.

> The text indicated I was signing to say I was satisfied with the outcome of the visit. I said I couldn’t sign it unless I could add a note.

< He said I could, and set it to show a virtual keyboard for me to type the note.

> I started typing, but couldn’t get the space bar to respond.

< He took it back, saying I was pressing too hard, and he would type it for me, if I told him what to put.

> I wanted him to type ‘I disagree with the engineer’s outcome selection of ‘no fault found’, as the TV box power supply unit was faulty, and a new replacement provided by the engineer’.

< As soon as it got to the first reference to ‘engineer’, he refused to type anymore.

> I therefore refused to sign, and he left.


That’s it for now; I will add another posting saying what happened next. I hope you haven’t let that cup of tea get cold!


Following on from my previous posting: Was I charged for the ‘engineer’s’ visit when he replaced a faulty Power Supply Unit?


I checked my account transactions on line a couple of days after the visit, and as I feared, I had been charged £65 (the fee if no fault is found). So, I was straight on the phone to TalkTalk customer services.


I explained the problem to Jason in the call centre, who then put me through to a Technical Manager named Ratnesh. I explained the ‘engineer’ had recorded that no fault was found when he had replaced a faulty power supply unit for my Youview box, and I had been charged £65. I explained that Don in the Technical Department said this could be done, and I shouldn’t be charged. I was asked to hold-on while some checks were made.


After a little while, Ratnesh said he had checked, and I shouldn’t have been charged, and he would arrange a refund credit to my account. He sent me an e-mail confirming the refund of £65, and it has appeared in my account transaction history. Thanks Ratnesh, all appears well in the end!


There are negatives and positives from this experience.


Negative: The sub-contracted ‘engineer’ wasn’t rude, but wasn’t very helpful either, and didn’t seem to care about customer relations. His technical ability seemed very limited. It would have been a lot cheaper for TalkTalk to send me a new Power Supply (probably only worth a couple of pounds plus postage), once they had established my credentials, rather than paying for an unnecessary engineer’s visit.


Positive: Don’t be put-off by some negative reports about TalkTalk’s customer service call centre. Although some accents are a little difficult to understand, I found the staff in Customer Services and the Technical Department very pleasant, helpful, and professional.

Team Player

very unhelpful service, nobody resolve issue but to make to punching ball or rolling stone. I don't know how I can get new power adopter for my router. At the moment I have to stretch the power adopter wire and then wrap around the router and tie with rubberband to make it able to work.

Talktalk chatting system is totally rubbish, calls are just wastage of time and money if calling from a mobile. 

Now thinking of leaving that is better solution

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Hi @moqaddus


The thread that you have put this on as a couple of years old so could you please start your own thread for support as each problem is individual and needs investigating separately. Could you please ensure that your community profile includes your PHONE NUMBER as OCE's will need this to tie up your screen name to your account. (click on your avatar to view the information, Settings, Personal information, then scroll to the bottom of page and click save)


I should also suggest posting it on the BROADBAND section as this area is rarely monitored by the OCE's

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