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Huawei DN372T set top box, intermittent failure to record

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Help required, see transcript of online chat:

General Info
Chat start time Mon, 27 Jan 2020 09:05:56 GMT
Chat end time Mon, 27 Jan 2020 10:10:28 GMT
Duration (actual chatting time) 01:04:32
Operator rosellerii



Chat Transcript
TalkTalk: Hi, welcome to TalkTalk. One of our agents will be with you shortly.

Changes to your account will only be made when confirmed in this chat.  If for any reason your chat ends before receiving confirmation, please chat back.

This conversation will be recorded for training and monitoring purposes and may be used in the future to help us deal with your queries quicker. To find out how we will use your data, visit

TalkTalk: You are now through to rosellerii from Technical Support.
Good morning, Stewart. I hope you're well today. How can I help?

Stewart : Hi Over the past few weeks I have had a problem with my TalkTalk Box ie recordings not being made, even though when selecting to record a message is displayed to say 'Programme Being recorded
Stewart: My wife and I rely on recordings due to our life style - we have missed many programmes and it is becoming very, very frustrating
I understand that you're having some issues with your tv box recording feature. Let me go ahead and address this for you. I now need to pull up your account. Can you please confirm the registered name and the landline number of the account?

Thanks. I can see as well that your account is being protected by a password, for security measure. can you please provide me the 1st & 3rd character of it?

Perfect. It matches our records. Can I ask for a mobile number to send you updates if needed?

Thanks. Are you using your home TalkTalk internet connection to chat to us today?

Stewart  yes chatting via my desktop
Stewart I assume that if I lose my internet connection at the time a recording is due to start it will not record, even if connection is restored seconds after the scheduled start time?
I see. Are you getting an error message stating "Failed to record" message?

StewartYes, when gong to watch, those that have not recorded an error message is displayed
Our health check on your service shows that your internet has been disconnecting recently. Improving your connection's reliabily will help to avoid problems with your TV service such as buffering, pausing, and finding On Demand programmes. Would you like to proceed with the internet checks first or shall we now proceed with the tv checks?

Stewart My internet connection problem is being dealt with by the CEO's office. So please proceed with the TV Checks only
Thanks for confirming that. I can see as well that you have an open complaint on the account in regards with the stability of your broadband connection, we discuss that as well.
Could you confirm which TalkTalk TV Box you have please? You can see it on the bottom left hand side at the back of the box.

Stewart  Please wait will check
Not a problem. Please do take your time.

Stewart Crowe: HUAWEI
Thanks for confirming. How about the model number next to the word HUAWEI

Stewart  Model Number DN372T
rosellerii: Thanks. Could you please tell me if you received your Set Top Box from TalkTalk?
Stewart Crowe: Yes
By any chance. Are you seeing a message about a recording clash?

Stewart We do when we are trying to record more programmes then capable. When this happens we obviously adjust our recording choices, so nothing to do with recordings failing!!
Stewart What I need you to confirm is have I got a problem with my box or it it due to the extremely poor reliability of my internet connection?
It does affect when you are trying to record an online or subscribed channel. However it should not be the case when you are trying to record freeview channels like bbc1. Are you unable to record freeview channels as well?

Stewart The recordings we make are all freeview channels, have not got any subscriptions - so are you saying my internet connection is not causing the problem?
Stewart If that is the case then surely there must be a problem with my set top box
Yes. You are correct. We now need to continue. To confirm, at the moment you are not seeing any recording clash error message and current unable to record free view channels. Am I correct?

Stewart Not correct, we are having an intermittent problem with recording free view channels. Even though we get confirmation message that the programme is being recorded when trying to watch the progrmme we get the error message 'Did Not Record.' We never try to record a programme if we get the warning about a 'Clash'
I see. Do you have more than 5 % recording storage space remaining?

Stewart  Yes 40%
Great. I want to know if your software is up to date. Press the Menu button on the remote control. Select Settings and press OK.
Select Software Information and press OK. Select Update software and press OK to check the latest update.

Stewart  Box is running latest software
I see. To receive the updates, please leave the TalkTalk STB ON overnight. Can you try to Select Update players & apps and press OK.

Stewart box is always left on Stby so updates can be received
Stewart error message we cannot update players and apps
Thanks for confirming that. Can you please give me a channel number that you are trying to record?

Stewart I am not trying to record at the moment
Stewart My problem is the intermittent failure of the box to record
Can you please try to record at the moment and provide me a channel number?

Stewart  recording bbc1 now
Stewart it is recording
Thanks for confirming that, Stewart. Since we have records now and the issue is not happening at the moment. I would suggest to monitor it first to rule any internal issues if the issue persist. Please contact us back.

Stewart No, that is not a resolution to my problem, I have been having this problem for a few days, perhaps weeks. I have been monitoring the system, that is why I am in contact today. I suggest a replacement set top box is sent out as a priority
I understand where you are coming from. However we need to have the system identified the issue. Since it is not happening at the moment. We cannot do further checks. I would suggest to contact us back once the issue is happening.

Stewart  We do not know that it is happening until we go to watch something that we thought was being recorded. How on earth do we find that out? Set to record something becasue we are not in to watch it, cancel going out then watch the prgramme in case it does not record?
Stewart I personally believe there is an issue with my set top box, which by the way is very old. To resolve the issue I suggest a new one is sent or you escalate my complaint through to CEO office
I understand the urgency to get your service working right now. However we still need to run some checks in order to fix the issue however the issue is not happening at the moment. I have documented your concern already here only then we can continue in providing the resolution once the checks are already done. Our health checks detected issues with your broadband and currently the box is working. Please do monitor it first.

Stewart  As per my previous I have been monitoring. I will make a complaint to the CEO office as you are not being helpfu.
Stewart  Goodbye
I can have this endorsed to one of our managers which you will receive a call back within 48 hours. You can have a copy of this chat emailed to you by clicking on the plus button on the bottom left of your chat window, then selecting the 'email transcript' option.

Stewart For your interest it failed to record yesterday 4 different freeview programmes
TalkTalk: A copy of this conversation will be sent to
Community Star

I get this from time to time and it normally occurs like this:-


Recording 1 runs from 20:00 to 22:00

Recording 2 runs from 20:00 to 21:00

Recording 3 runs from 21:00 to 23:00


So no clashes, but Recording 2 ends up running late and so Recording 3 cannot start & shows as failed to record.


Anyway I'll ask the OCEs to investigate for you. Please make sure that your community profile is up to date.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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Community Team

Is there a recording issue, we had issue with failed to record. but same set of records work on parents box so not a scheduling issue as would be on both. or clash as these have record for years in past. intermittent failure on both recently we have had 4 seconds say record and stop. no noise on line no issue with phone no drop outs and no aerial issue. similar to this issue and parents have it can not see all are box. also ours is a very recent replacement and parents only had for couple of months.

customer of TalkTalk
Community Team



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