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Huawei talktalk youview box “Failed to record” problem since December 2019!!!

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I have just read a thread started by cglover2 on 12.10.19 titled  - Talk Talk you view box ‘Fails to Record’. 
I have exactly the same problems as those listed in the 78 posts. 
Random programmes failing to record or only record a few seconds. 
happens on BBC 1, BBC1 HD, CH 4, ITV, Drama I.e. all channels that I use.

we were given a new box in January and still have exactly the same problems.

i am in Scotland so a different transmitter. 
I have had the aerial checked.
we have done both types of reset I.e. keeping recordings and not

I have recorded identical programmes on a Panasonic HDD and it has recorded everything while the Huawei randomly recorded some and failed on others. 

I am sick fed up of this problem and feel I am paying money for a service which is seriously sub standard. Since the problem seems to be widespread, what is talktalk planning to do?

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This is believed to be a bug in the YouView software and TalkTalk are liaising with them to find a fix.


there is a thread on the YouView forum where this is being discussed. You may wish to add your experiences there too.


It's a question of finding the bug in the software, before it can be fixed.

Please note that in the current situation there will inevitably be delays in responding to you, due to the closure of customers service centres. To save everyone's time ONLY POST BACK ON YOUR ORIGINAL THREAD.