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IPC6021 on *every* subscription channel!!

Wizz Kid

Just gone to watch the Villa match on Sky Sports and all I get is an IPC6021 error.

I watched the first leg on Saturday so my subscription was fine then.


I can access the likes of BT Sport and Netflix so the box has internet connectivity.

It's the TT subscription channels that aren't working (screenshots attached).


I've rebooted the router (twice) and the set-top box. 

What the hell guys ?? It's like all my TV Boosts have been cancelled!!


Could it be the transition from one contract ending to a new one starting (I recently renewed for another 2 years) ??

Community Team



Can you :


Hard Reboot box (using button at the back of the box)

Perform software update (Menu > Settings > Software Information > Update Software > Press OK on remote)

Load More TV (TalkTalk/More TV button on remote) Select some boost content.


- selecting content via More TV will force a subscription check.   Let me know if this works.