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IPC6023 error code

Team Player

Apologies @OCE_Karl, I didn’t recognise that. 


I did follow the instructions earlier this morning, but didn’t think to check if the missing 300 group channels had returned. 


I have just done that and guess what....😊


I would like to formally state that the advice and support from this forum has been exemplary. 


Thank you guys. 

Community Team

No Problem 🙂


We're always glad to help.



Team Player

I must have spoken too soon ☹️


The “IPC6023” error has returned and I’m unable to view Sky 1 again. 


I tried:


1) rebooting both the router and the YouView box

2) confirmed a strong internet connection

3) retuned channels

4) updated software (as before)


I’ve no idea how we’ve lost some channels again, as they were working yesterday and no changes have been made to the system. 


Any ideas @OCE_Karl ?

Community Team



Have the channels returned today ?


The ipc6023 error is specifically a connection error so check all cables are seated correctly, check the home phone for any line noise, swap over the ethernet cable to make sure this is ok etc.





Team Player

The missing channels have returned this morning, which I find very strange. 


I checked before going through your suggestions and there they were 🤔


I’m not filled with confidence that they will remain though.