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Lack of Service

Team Player

I ordered a TV Box and subscribed to the Sky Sports Package last week. Box arrived today and after set up I found I could not watch/ find any of the Sky Sports Channels I subscribe to. On checking this forum it is apparent that TT are failing on a regular basis to provide the service they are advertising and for which people are paying. My experience in the past with Customer Services suggests that they will be of little use in resolving the problem. Does anyone have the email address for the CEO of TT. I think I may contact him and explain that obtaining money by deception is a criminal offence

Community Star

The CEO of TalkTalk is a she, not a he and I am sure you can find her email address without too much difficulty.


it may be better though if you give us a bit more information about your issue and we can try to help. There are hundreds of thousands of TalkTalk TV customers out there happily using the service without any problems, judging a support community by the numbers complaining is not going to give you an accurate picture.

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Ferguson, thanks for your prompt reply.

Firstly I'd like to say I dont think I'm asking for much when saying I expect to get what is advertised and I have paid for.

That said my problem(s) are as follows:

When I ran the initial set up there was no sign of the Sky Sports Boost. I did a factory reset. tried again and then got an error message YVM 105.

I've been following the forum and must admit I am concerned that TT have sold me a pup





Wizz Kid
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Thanks for the suggestion Steve, tried it, no joy

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Steve, tried it again. Error message gone, I accessed the films to buy and watched a trailer so I assume everything is as it should be at my end. Reading the forum I suspect the problem lies with TT but they are reluctant to acknowledge the fact