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Latest YouView Box Software Update

Community Star

I think there has been a misapprehension going on here, there has now been a formal release for Humax retail boxes, which is why I have started a separate topic here:

Community Star

Hi @ferguson
I'm getting fed up with YV as they promise physical things which they do not deliver !!

If this has helped and solved your problem, please mark it as Best Answer so that OCE's or others do not spend time looking for alternatives.
Community Star

Hey, don't blame me buddy! What they have physically failed to deliver to you then? 

Team Player

Ive used the new interface a bit and despite my initial reservations and feedback and advice Its not too bad and could be an inprovement if some of the nigglyissues are sorted.

niggly issues are


Page naviigation: it is not clear how to scroll through pages or how to go back/forward other then pressing myview button 


Option for a preview window in guide would also be nice

Team Player

As an aside from the TVBox software upgrade, I think TT could so with improving the software on their website thinks like managing webmail and setting up email and lost passwords etc simple don't work or are indefineately unavailable

First Timer
I agree with your comments. The new look is ok, but the points that you make are the same as my comments would be. Talk Talk/ youveiw you need to make changes or your customers will change their suppliers to a system that gives them what they want, the new system was supposed to be a trial !!!!!!!
First Timer

Totally agree with all the comments that the latest software upgrade is more like a downgrade. Which bright young designers decided that flash was more important than usability. or do they think most TalkTalk customers are unable to read and need pictures.


What really gets me though is that my Youview boxes, one which records the other not, now BOTH  lock up since the downgrade. So it must be software bugs. So much for their claims of rigorous testing.


Come on Talktalk lets have the option of an upgrade to the previous version or I might just upgrade to another company.

Conversation Starter

Unfortunately all the Youview boxes will have this rolled out.  I have moved to BT and today have recieved a letter informing of the new 'sophisticated' user interface.


Antbody know of a good non-YouView box?

First Timer

Agree entirely with jackson2uk
The update seems to be designed to look good (flashy might be a better discription) with little consideration for how it works.
Anybody who remembers Windows 8 will know exactly what I am talking about.
For example - why would anybody want watch the most recently recorded episode of a series they have recorded, when there are earlier  unwatched episodes ? The designers of this update clearly did not think it through. Ant suggestions of 'a rigorous testing and feedback procedure' is utter nonsense.

First Timer

I agree with all of the above comments. 

The latest update is utter rubish.

The worst change is altering the recorded programs list to icons. Much harder to view and understand. Bring back the previous User Interface 😠

Team Player

Well I think differently. I find the new interface much better. There are two areas that need changing; the reintroduction of hide channels and the reordering of options on the Youview page so that MyTV is the default first option.


I know some don't like change but everyone I know with Youview (personally rather than though the internet) really like the latest version.

Popular Poster

My box was only updated the latest software yesterday. I have noticed now when I set a recording eg start time 9pm end time 10pm. If the program runs over by seconds or minutes, the recording ends at 10pm and the run over time is not recorded !! . The old software seemed to know when the program had started and ended if the program schedule was slightly out. Has anyone else noticed this. Looks like I may have to record the program after the one I am recording to see the end. I have a Humax  dtr-t2100 box.

Community Star

Hi @Philip69


The broadcaster sends a signal to start and end a recording.  This is called Accurate Recording and there is usually a bit of padding on the end time.  This doesn't always work out. For example, when the broadcaster's scheduled times slip or when you're recording two programmes at the same time and then another programme scheduled for recording on a different channel starts and causes one of your two current recordings to cease too early. 

 Gondola - I'm a TVPlus customer *
Popular Poster

Hi @Gondola two of my recordings did this last night on the new software but on the old software this was a very rare occurrence. I will have to to keep an eye on it. I have posted on the youview support website regarding this problem. Thanks for the information and quick reply.

Community Star

... let us know if the YouView team have any observations on this.

 Gondola - I'm a TVPlus customer *
Popular Poster

@Gondola I will do thanks again...

Popular Poster

The new update is just as slow, and now searching for a recording takes forever, what was wrong with just the title and channel details and dates. Now we have to have dozens and dozens of pictures to scroll through, and you are never really sure it has responded to the command of not. Heaven knows the money spent on this "Update"could have been better used. It's become an even bigger embarrassment to admit using talk talk. At least in the past one could claim it was easy to use and simple to get to the section one wanted. Totally frustrated by it.


[Subsequent 5 posts by this author included here]


If I had the chance I wouldn't update to the new system. It's no faster and a pain.
I couldn't agree more. Finding recordings has become so laborious it's a joke. Absolutely pathetic
May be radical but it's not an improvement.
Totally agree. Just pathetically awful. Time wasting to use and frustrating.
Yes but finding recorded programmes is so slow and unessessarily     laborious.

Conversation Starter

Must say I hate the new system. Initially, I thought it looked quite good, but has so many faults, that it's quite frustrating. Also, for some reason, I lost a few recordings in the update process. Really think there was not too much wrong with old software, and I have a second box that has not updated, to am very happy to continue with it.

Team Player

My box was updated yesterday and I must agree with all the complaints.
And to rub salt into the wounds I had an email from TalkTalk today (a day late) saying that I would be getting an upgrade "with a brand new look and a simpler, faster experience." what a joke.

As my vision is not too good I have a couple of issue which may not have been mentioned in other posts.
With the old software I could use the zoom to make the text of the list of recordings bigger and still see all of my recordings. Now zoom still makes the text (and the totally unhelpful and unnecessary pictures} bigger, but in doing that it also pushes the recordings on the right, off the screen, with no way of seeing them (as the arrow buttons which move the zoom view around the screen are used to select a recording so they do NOT move the screen around when looking at the recordongs). This means that to see qll of the recordings I have to take zoom off, get up and go closer to the telly to see them.

Also I use the "High contrast" setting in "appearance" - with the old software if I wanted to see how far through a recording I was I could press play and it was easy to see.. Now all I see is a white horizontal line until I get up and go closer to the TV, then I can then see a v small vertical line cutting through the horizontal line showing how far through the recording is.

Also on a non poor eyesight related topic, how do I jump tp say the 20th minute of a recording or to the end or beginning?. I could do it before after pressing back when in a recording ot OK from the listing, but no longer.

Community Star

Hi @laticsrblu


To zoom into your Recordings page and scroll around the page to see all of the images just press Zoom again and use the arrow keys to scroll around.


On the issue of the vertical location bar on the timeline, yes, maybe the YouView team would consider making that larger / longer so it is more visible.  Let's alert @Holly B to that.


Roy, over on the YouView Community website (Click here to go to YouView Community) has said that he believes the YouView team will bring back an option to skip to a particular time in a recording.  Until that happens, if it does, just press the skip forward key >>|, in your example 20 times as it skips forward 60 seconds each press.  OK not very friendly, but until a skip to a time option reappears it's probably the fastest way. 


To return to the start of a recording just hold the OK key and on screen there's a short countdown timer and within a few seconds it'll go back to the start again.  No option to skip to the end... but I cannot think of a reason for needing that - is there a need?


[My response above relates to the current software roll-out 72.43.185]


 Gondola - I'm a TVPlus customer *