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Missing boosts / TalkTalk services




I've been with TalkTalk TV for a couple of months now and subscribe to the Kids boost.


Since yesterday (which seems to co-incide with the software update), the subcription channels and the 'more tv' section of the menu all responded with error TTG-216. I checked for further updates, then restarted both the TV box and the broadband router.


Restarting didn't help, so I tried a reset of the box. Following that, the subscribed option dissapeared from the guide, as did the 'more tv' option in the menu, and the 'more tv' button on the remote no longer worked.


I contact TT by live chat and went through various checks and updates which on restart the menu items and 'subscribed' option in the guide re-appeared, but I'm back to getting error TTG-216.


I've a second plus box (TalkTalk branded but not multiroom or supplied by talktalk - I use it for freeview / iplayer). I previously accidently set it as my primary box by accessing one of the boost channels, but even if I try that, the second box doesn't gives me the option and also gives TTG-216 errors.


There are no network issues with either box - both can access other networked services such as iPlayer, netflix etc.

Live chat has said it needs to be passed onto the fault management team to look into my account, but that I wouldn't get a response for at least 72 hours.....try explaining that and the Disney channel absence to a 6 year old! 

Has anyone on here got any thoughts?

Dean Christopher Holden

Well, weirdly it just started working again around 2pm yesterday afternoon.

Dean Christopher Holden
Community Team

Hi Dean


Glad to hear this is working now.  Any issues, let me know.