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Multi room TV

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. At present I can only view subscribed channels such as Sky Sports on my primary box but would like the ability as Sky offers, to be able to view Sky Sports etc in other rooms even with an extra subscription as Sky currently charge. Any plans TT? 

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I have only just managed to get the free sky channels working after receiving a TT YV box 3 or 4 weeks ago, but what may be relevant to your question is that once the channels worked, I was able to view Sky Sports News both on the box that TT supplied and on a Humax Youview box that I already had.


One box was connected directly to the router, the other via homeplugs, I was even able to have 2 things showing at the same time which is good going when my broadband speed is only just over 5mbps.


Reading elsewhere on these forums, other users have also had the BT Humax box working with TT, which by all accounts is available for about£129.


I can't vouch for the boosts but certainly the 6 free channels and catch up work.