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My 2nd drama with talk talk tv!

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Me again.. more talk talk drama! 

This is the situation, hope you can all follow. 

Basically had some major issues with talk talk this week since start on super fibre broadband, see my other topic for the drama! 

Basically since having a new  WiFi power adapter extender supplied by talk talk to get brandband back into a bedroom to box, my tv signal is completely messed up - even if WiFi extender is plugged in or not.


My tv signal was perfect up until yesterday but now most channels apart from odd few are pixelated and when it’s left on the bad channels the box asks me to retune! 


Living room box has been having trouble ever since installing - even swapped original boxes over as original box works a bit better on front room for some reason. 


Now I am convinced the WiFi has caused issues with 2 talk talk boxes receiving tv signal as it’s happened at different periods and as I said since WiFi extender has been fitted in bedroom. It can’t be my Ariel as 2nd box signal started to go only once the  extender was fitted? 


For example bbc1 will not work but bbc 1 hd is perfect signal, can’t pick up bbc2, pick, 


I am not willing to retune the tv box in bedroom incase I lose channels that are ok  and can not get them back through weak signal! 


Has anyone else had this problem. 


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Drama over! WiFi bridge turned up and signal back to normal. 

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Hi Lorna 


reading from your post the aerial signal coming into the premises is weak as the youview box requires 45% as a minimum. i have seen yours is 28% however that would be fine if the quality was 100%. The tuners in the youview boxes need more signal then say a tv or freeview box ( which will work on around 10% ) the wifi PLA will noway cause the aerial to pixelate, as you have said was pixelating when not plugged in. 


Theres is one other thing which may cause the issue but i have not read ( unless missed ) when tuning does the box ask to pick a region ?



I hope this helps await your reply