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My sound works when the aerial is unplugged from myview box and plugged into the TV.

George Morton
First Timer

The TV sound works when I unplug the aerial from the myview box and plug it into the rear of the TV. When reconnected to the my view box no sound.

Community Star
George Morton
First Timer

bestmanx3 wrote:

Have you checked the volume level of the Youview box. Low volume when watching YouView

Thanks Bestmanx3 I have a sound bar, buts thanks anyway

Community Star

Hi @George Morton


Are you saying problem solved?


Have you enabled the Passthrough ? YV BUTTON > Settings > Picture and sound > Antenna Out Turn on.


If that doesn't work try


 YV button > Settings > Picture and sound > HDMI and S/PDIF both set to surround.

How is Soundbar connected and what to ?

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