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Never Received Tv Box and charged for calls




Since I joined talk talk I never received the tv box.

I called many times, I've always been promised that the tv box would be sent to my flat,

but in the end, no one charged me for it or send it for real.

So at the moment I paid one month for a service I never used.

The tv box it's definitely not on his way and this month I haven't been charged for it furthermore I called back asking why I still not receiving anything.

I've been told that no one place the order, I tried once again but nothing.

Starting to be fed up with that because on top of that I continue also to be charged for calls made everyday (calls that I can't do! I don't have the device at home, I use just wi-fi) for the length of 7 sec and a charge of 0.13£ EVERYDAY! since two months!

Answer for that?? - We can't-do anything because once you'll have the tv box we will be able to access of other things which one of that is the block of incoming and outcoming calls.


anyone can help me with that?? 

don't know what to do!


Thank you!

Community Star

Hi @Lore123


Have you received the TV box?


If you still need assistance from Community please ensure your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) includes your landline phone number and an alternate number (mobile recommended). Add, then scroll down and save changes. The Community support OCE's (TalkTalk team) will then be able to link this topic to your TalkTalk service account and offer further help.

Gondola - I'm a PlusTV customer * Security Hub - Stay Safe Online
Community Team

Hi @Lore123


Please add your home phone number or account number to you Community Profile so I can look into this for you.






Unfortunately not...

and I'm really giving up.. called another two times... all the operator said everything will be perfect now.. you will receive it for sure...but nothing. 


I asked to remove the tv service ( for what they said I won't be charged anyway till operative)

and still no one could  help me with the calls that I'm continuing ti be charged for..


really disappointed and annoyed by this.


Community Team



If you can add your Home phone number or account number to your Community Profile we can look into this for you.






Thanks Karl, 


my telephone number is updated.

But I use the mobile because in my flat I don't have the device for landline calls.



Community Team



I've taken a look and can see the TV service is not yet showing live on the account.  A reprovision request was raised on the account and this has not completed as yet.


As the TV service has not gone live on the account then a TV box will not be dispatched until this is showing as active.










How long should I wait for, before fixing the other problem and maybe to have a Tv? 


I think is ridiculous that I'm waiting for so long a TV box... 

Community Team



A TV Box order has now been placed on the account and this should be delivered within the next 48hrs.