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Hi im a new member to this site. I have been a talktalk customer for over 10 years now. My main priority is price for my package. I am glad the tv is included in my package but quite honestly it is not my main source of entertainment since the intelnet.  I binge watch a lot of boxset's and that is mainly what I watch on TV. Never 2atch anything live any more and I only watch something I know I have the whole series of. I joined this community site so that I could give my opinion and hopefully get a service I can watch again. 

Pal 71
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Hi @Pal71


Welcome to TalkTalk Community.


The TalkTalk TV Box and TV apps are good for OnDemand content.  The Players and Apps via the TV Box now have a huge amount of content. iPlayer and Netflix are in regular use here.



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