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No longer able to use Internet / Boost channels on Multi Room

Wizz Kid



I have had Multi Room since it was first trialled, it has worked fine for a very long time.


Now it seems that I am unable to use the boost channels. 

The screen just stays black when Sky 1 or similar is selected.

(I did notice maybe once or twice a few days ago it came up with something about choosing it as the primary TV box, but I don't want this set to be the primary, but to be a secondary one instead)


(I have searched for answers, but I see no way of selecting Secondary anywhere only Primary which doesn't help - I also considered simply removing and re-adding the Multi-Room boost, but then thought I may not get it back for certain! :-))


My internet connection is working fine and I have also tested this using the Ethernet port on my laptop to make certain.


Many thanks



Community Star

Hi @adriancollins 


I had a similar situation some time back and selecting this option of setting it as primary on the second box solved the problem.

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