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Omg I can’t believe theirs no YouTube app! You view

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I can’t believe theirs no YouTube compatibility lol the box is really cheap and slow and no 4K come on talktalk ? I like to suggest a better box and with YouTube function oh and 4K as the box is pretty useless if you have a modern tv really 

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@Aytbit  the tv box is owned by youveiw as just like bt one is??


see youview for more info as amazon came after some time


TALKTALK DO NOT OWN Out Right ?? that is why

Hope that help Regards Joe
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I can actually go even further than that by saying that TalkTalk TV was never actually TalkTalk's own service to even begin with.


Away back when Tiscali were an independent company, they had a service known as Tiscali TV. That was then inherited by TalkTalk when they bought out Tiscali which means that what we now know as TalkTalk TV, is actually just the old Tiscali TV which was then rebranded under the TalkTalk banner. Had they not inherited that TV service from Tiscali, I'm not sure that they have had the ambitions to then start off their own TV from scratch, themselves.


I only have a small house which means that I have no need for 4K (HD at 1080p is enough for my needs). However, 4K has become very much the norm these days and in fact, even that is very soon going to be superceded by 8K. That is something which YouView need to be keeping up with and if they did that, I'm sure that this would also be incorporated into the TalkTalk TV as a result.


As for other set-top boxes (including Amazon's Firestick), they tend to use a particular version of the Android OS or some modified form of that, as their main operating system. This then allows that particular box to then incorporate YouTube into their service by means of the YouTube Android app (the fact that both YouTube and the Android OS are owned by Google makes that a seamless process).


I'm not sure which operating system, a YouView Box uses but if at some time in the future, TalkTalk were to move away from YouView and instead, offer some form of Android TV box for their TalkTalk TV service, they would then be able to include YouTube within that service quite easily.


John Sutherland
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Hi there


YouView are the developers for Humax, Huawei, TalkTalk and BT (and their associated brands) therefore both Huawei and Humax boxes are interchangeable although both ISP's "tweak" the products for their customers. For example I use a Humax box and as it is a "retail" box and as Humax have no contract with AMAZON directly I still do not have Prime on my box.


"Next Gen" was released a few years ago meaning that both the BT and TT TV products were completely re-launched on the YouView platform which is completely different from the "Tiscali" boxes and uses a totally different delivery method. I remember being peeved at having to ditch my Tiscali boxes as there were a lot of series recordings which could no longer access !!!


I do notice that BT have recently launched a new box with 4K included depending on your subscription but, as @johncs2008 points out 8K is on the way and with higher resolutions than that in the pipeline, I should guess that TT are holding fire pending what becomes the norm.


Regarding the apps, it is not a pure Android OS (I'm not sure what it is although I should guess that it is Android based). It's a similar situation on Pansonic and Sony products where apps appear and disappear at their will, I've just lost PLEX on my Sony TV but, gained Amazon Prime !!

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Of course, the big question here is whether or not, TalkTalk are still even going to have a TV service in the future. During the rollout period for 4G, TalkTalk (whose mobile service was never any more up to date than a 3G one) were setting on the fence back then before they eventually decided not to have any mobile service at all, and encouraged their mobile customers to switch to O2.


As for their TV service, they have already recently handed their system for ordering films and TV shows from a TalkTalk YouView box out to Rakuten TV and the fact that they have done this, seems to suggest that they see no real future for their own TV service. Because of that, I wouldn't therefore be surprised if the same sort of thing doesn't eventually happen with TalkTalk's TV service, as what happened to their mobile service.


John Sutherland
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