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On demand freeview channels incompatible with Talktalk youview box

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When will the TalkTalk youview box be updated to access certain on demand channels (200's Connect TV, Bollywood HD, Sports and a few others) etc which keep coming up as incompatible with the you view box.


These are freeview channels and can be accessed by TV's with Freeview (through internet) but not through You view box  with internet.  


Some channels work with the red button but others come up as incompatible with Youview box.  I understand this was in the past with issues with Arqiva but though those had been resolved and should be accessible through youview box

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Hi @yentalk


It was a YouView policy decision not to incorporate software support for MHEG5-IC the Interactive Channel extension that is required to support IPTV streaming of certain on demand channels. In part I believe this is because both BT and TalkTalk offer their own subscription TV services.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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Thank you for the clarification.


Any idea whether that will change at all as new channels keep getting added by Freeview all the time and using the youview box makes those inaccessible.

 I would have thought Youview should be better than Freeview and atleast youview should offer the freeview channels as a baseline and addtional boosts on top of that as it is a subscription service.

Community Star's always possible for YouView to offer software support for these IPTV channels in the future. This would require the agreement of all YouView partners.


Bear in mind that on the new YouView platform BT and TalkTalk are now taking their own paths, on the foundation of the core platform, on which to deliver their own services including subscription TV services.  More TV channels are always being considered for addition to the subscription services.


I'll add for clarification that these are the views of a TalkTalk customer.  For the official YouView policy you'd need to get that direct from YouView.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer