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Pixilating Picture and can't pause or rewind etc

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Im posting this on behalf of my 87 year old vulnerable mum who has been sheltering at home during this covid outbreak and who totally relies on her TV for company.

Around 4/5 weeks ago her TV started to pixilate during the evening while she was watching something.  It always happens around the same time and she can't view the Tv or pause it or rewind or fastforward.  She has to get up and she's been unplugging it from the wall and plugging it back in and that seems to sort it for a short time and then it happens again.  If someone phones her she can't pause it or rewind the programme.  Her recordings are also failing so she is missing out on a lot of her evening entertainment.  It is causing her extreme stress.

I phoned and reported it last week and an engineer came out on Wed 1st July.  This was a risk for us as we have kept her safe at home with no visitors since lockdown!  He said that the signal from her aerial was only 40% and so he felt it was to do with that and recommended she gets a new aerial fitted.  He did a reset of her box and felt that the fact the picture was pixilating and she couldn't record pointed to lack of signal.

I immediately booked someone else to come out to fit a new aerial (putting mum at risk again of visitors to her home).  They came yesterday and she paid £95 for a new aerial and cabling and he reset the box up for her.  Her signal strength went to 70%.

All was well until the evening when the same thing happened and the picture pixilated again.

Mum has been on the phone to a Talk Talk person this morning for over an hour while he tried getting her to do all sorts with the box.  In the end she had to say she couldn't do anymore as she has poor eyesight and is not very mobile.  She was told she will have to pay another £40 to have another engineer out to her box.  Surely this can't be the case when she spent £95 on the recommendation of one of your engineers yesterday.  

Please could something be done to help her as its causing her much distress.  Does she need a new box?


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Hi @Twinsmum11 


Is this only on "freeview" channels or the Internet channels such as Sky 1 etc?


If it is on the Freeview channels then could she press the blue button (marked YV, Menu or something similar) on the remote scroll to Settings (this is either the last one at the bottom or the cog wheel at the top right depending on the box) then go to TV Signal Quality whilst watching a freeview channel, what readings is that showing?


Of course there could always be something wrong with the new aerial or the new installation. If she plugs the aerial directly in to her TV does this still happen?


I have tried to make this as easy as possible step by step but, it is hard to visualise it through the eyes of someone who is not used to going into this area so please don't hesitate to shout out if she encounters any problems.

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It maybe worth trying this anyway as I have found that it has cured similar problems when I have had an unexplained drop in signal on one of my boxes. This reinstalls the software and does not delete the recordings providing option 2 is selected. Again I have tried to make it step by step, so that you can run through it with her on the phone if you can't be there to do it for her. :


Turn the box off, then unplug the power lead for about 10 minutes.

Re-plug in power  lead.

  1. Ensure the YouView Box is switched off and is currently connected to the router (the YouView Box will require an internet connection).
  2. Power on YouView using button at the back of the YouView Box.
  3. Start YouView using the power button on the YouView Box front panel and then quickly press and hold both the + and – buttons on the front panel. If you haven’t pressed the buttons together by the time 'YouView Waking Up' is displayed, or you see the 'YouView please wait...' message then try again.
  4. Let go of the + and – buttons once the 'Huawei – Maintenance Mode menu' is displayed.
  5. The + and – buttons on the front panel will navigate the menu. Keep pressing the – button until 2  “factory reset keep recordings” option is highlighted.  If you go past the option, simply press the + button to navigate back to the option.
  6. Press the power button on the YouView Box front panel to select the option. This will bring up some information and ask 'Do you want to proceed?'. Press the power button again to confirm.
  7. The YouView Box will now show a progress bar as it downloads software from the internet and installs on the YouView Box. This may take several minutes. Once complete, the YouView Box will restart.
  8. Once the YouView Box restarts, the YouView Box will show the initial setup wizard. You will need to run through the setup wizard including tuning the channels.

You will then need to reset your personal settings (such as parental controls / ANTENNA OUT / Surround Sound etc.) and also reset your scheduled recordings (might be worth taking a note of future recordings before doing this so you don’t miss any).

It is also a good idea to restart your router once you have done this.



If you do NOT have any recordings that you want to keep :

Blue YV /Menu button on remote > Settings > Factory reset. This option will re-format the hard drive and reinstall the system on your box and you will lose all recordings.



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First Timer

Thanks so much for your responses.  Mum would not be able to do all this by herself unfortunately.  Surely the engineer who came out to her would have done all this?  I was on the phone to her when he came and I could hear him saying he was going to re set the box and it would mean she lost all her recordings.

she does not have any sky channels so only the freeview channels.


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Hi @Twinsmum11 


He probably did BUT, she's had the new aerial since then. Could she check the signal strength and quality first, then we will know if there is an aerial problem still ? Does the picture still pixellate when the aerial is connected to the TV directly?


If she has no recordings then the factory reset from the main menu should be simple enough for her though, this should restore the full functionallity of the box. The OCE's will need this doing before they will swap out the box if still necessary.

If this has helped and solved your problem, please mark it as Best Answer so that OCE's or others do not spend time looking for alternatives.
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Twinsmum11


can you add your mums home phone number to your 'Community Profile' so I can look at the signal levels on the box remotely.





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