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Problems with Talk Talk box

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I have a standard Talkk Talk box which is now pretty useless. It requires a re boot every time I want to watch TV and even after that the remote doesn't respond very quickly and sometimes doesn't respond at all. I have tried various so called solutions including re-setting by holding down the + and - keys etc. Even after all of that it is no different. I am now at the stage where I have decided that I either need to give up on Talk Talk as it is no longer fit for purpose or try to solve the problems by getting another box. Generally speaking I have been happy with Talk Talk and I have TV, Fibre Broadband, Telephone and Mobiles, but I can no longer put up with the poor TV service. I have heard that a Humax box as used by BT is a much better option, but I am wondering if this will actually work with the Talk Talk You View service. I have also heard that BT and Talk Talk both use You View and that therefore the BT box will work with Talk Talk. However, I dodn't want to wast my money buying something that isn't going to work. Can anyone advise if the Humax boxes as supplied by BT do work with the Talk Talk You View service?

I would be grateful for any help and advice on this please.

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Any YouView box will work with your TalkTalk TV service, including those supplied by BT.

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Thanks very much for your prompt answer I have now ordered a  BT YouView Box - Humax DTR-T2100 500GB PVR Freeview+ HD. Hopefully that will solve my problems. It's a bit of a poor show by Talk Talk though as they seem to know that their boxes aren't fit for service and yet they still persist with them. I suppose when they lose customers on a vast scale they might re consider!

Regards and thanks

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No worries, you will probably find that BT box a much nippier performer all round.

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I have a Talk Talk YOUVIEW box Model HUAWEI DN 3701 - Dolby Digital Plus - HDMI

and wish to connect to my Samsung TV. I am having some difficulty getting signal. Can anyone help me in this respect?

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my you view box is doing the same thing that you was having problems with did you sort it