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Re: £4 Charge for Talktalk TV

Repeat Guest

I'm a new member to the community but a long term Talktalk customer.

How do you know you won't be charged for tv? Talktalk have not contacted me to say there will be a charge. What is Talktalk tv defined as? Is it the use of a Talktalk box for any television or does it include using subscription free players like. BBC or ITV or does it include using premium players like Now or Netflix.

Insightful One

@User5000 welcome and can i say from what i got told on chat all t/t tv customers get chagred that even new one do not know any yet that have got round it.



Hope that help Joe R If so then give me a Kudos ( Click the Thumb up Button)
Community Team



The Charge encompasses TalkTalk TV services.


Emails are being sent to all customers in batches so you may not have received your email yet.


If you do not use the TalkTalk player or subscribe to any Boosts such as the Entertainment or Sports Boost etc you can request the TV option is removed.





Repeat Guest

Can someone clarify what the television option is defined as?
I have a Huawei box but I don't believe I have a tv option.

Community Manager

Hey User5000, 


If you have a TV box then the charge will apply, as mentioned by Karl our emails are going out in batches every day into next week which is why you may not have got your email yet.