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New £4 Charge for TalkTalk TV


Very disappointed with this new charge when I agreed a 24 month contract with TalkTalk for a 'package' which included TalkTalk TV  and which stated that there would be no price increase to the 'package' throughout the contract period.


Now you create a loophole and say that you can increase charges for some package items as and when you feel like it.


Is this the way you reward loyal long contract customers?  Crikey roll on the end of my contract is all I can say.  What is even more sickening is that I have just got my sister to change from BT to TalkTalk telling her what a good company TalkTalk is... 

Community Team



Most providers such as BT, Sky etc all have a basic charge for TV before any additional products are added, but we still remain competitive.


I think it is important to look at the overall charge for the entire package and compare this against other providers to work out if you are getting a good deal.


If you think that a deal could be improved, it's always worth giving our customer loyalty teams a call as they can often have seasonal offers that are not always publicised.