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Remote Codes?

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Hi All,


We've just upgraded our tv and I'm trying to get a working code for the Talk Talk tv remote. Our tv is a Hisense 50U7A,

I've tried all the codes listed in the manufacturer codes list with the exception of the very last one as i can only see the '0' and the list doesn't scroll. Has anyone had any joy finding a fully working code, I know one of the codes in the list turns the tv on and off but nothing else.

Any help is appreciated before I contact Hisense themselves.




Community Star

Hi @CraigL1


I think that contacting them is your best option as I believe that for Europe they manufacture lots of TV models under at least 5 different licenced brands. The TV's are often made to a retailers own specifications so there will be hundreds of potential codes.By contacting them  with with the FULL product code they should be able to give you one for your specific model.


Pairing the TV isn't always a great thing as when paired the TT remote disables some TT BOX functions such as the VOLUME on the TT box so MAKE SURE THAT VOLUME IS SET TO MAXIMUM BEFORE PAIRING. It also only does off /on, sometimes input change, TV volume and channel change on the TV so you will be forever grabbing for the TV remote (in my experience anyway).


I went for a cheap HARMONY controller as I additionaly have a Blu ray player, Home cinema system and a couple of other things which this remote is a fully functioning remote for all of them.

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