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Returning my TV Box

First Timer

I have had an absolute nightmare trying to return my TV box after terminating my contract and moving house. I have spoken to numerous customer service teams (for hours on end) but they cannot just simply send the returns bag to my new address. I have complained numerous times to customer services and their managers (who assured me several times the bag would be sent to my new address but still nothing has arrived). I cannot face phoning their customer services department as it takes ages 1) for them to understand me and 2) to actually get someone to action a bag to be sent to my new address! 

At my wits end as to how to get this box sent back to them, in the mean time they keep sending me late payment emails. Anyone else had this problem? 

Community Team



Can you add your new address to the private notes section of your Community Profile and I'll send a returns bag to that address directly.