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Samsung smart tv and youview box




Apologies in advance as this is going to be long-winded question.


I have recently purchased a Samsung Smart TV and I have a Youview box with Sky Boost Entertainment and Sport. The installation of both the box and the TV went smoothly and everything works bar one thing, I am now no longer able to record internet channels to my youview box.


I connect the internet via a powerline plug (TP-Link) that has capabilities for two LAN connections. Is this the problem? Is it possible that only one internet signal feed can go through the box? I wouldn't have thought that this would have been the case as I have another upstairs that has capabilities for two and that has a games console and a laptop connected, albeit not recording. 


The channels that aren't recording are just the Sky Channels, I do however notice that on the Smart TV there is a 'sky-go' app, is there a possibility that I can use my login details for talktalk on this app and the 'boosts' that I have through talktalk will be available on this? 


Sorry I know I am just possibly 'muddying' my questions, but I am just having several 'thoughts' and needed to get them all down to give a comprehensive (if not succient) of my problems and any help that someone can hopefully give.


Thanks for reading (if anyone does) and huge thanks in advance if anyone can actually help!


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Hi @yorkrose26 


Well a number of issues.


No you can't log into Sky go and get the boosts.


The Power Line Adapters stand out as possibly the problem area.


The box records internally so there should be no problems regarding what TV is connected providing that the box is receiving a SOLID internet signal.


Are all of the PLA's showing solid greens on all 3 lights with no occasional orange or red lights flickering on the middle one?


I am assuming that you have both Multi-room and 2 recordable boxes ?


Which boxes are you using?

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