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Sky Sports boost

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I'm coming to the end of my 18 month @ £8.50 offer tomorrow but as expected my bill has charged me for next month at the full price.  

I will cancel the boost on Saturday so will have to pay 4 days @ £34 per month,  which is not a problem.  

My question is, if I add the boost again at a future date (just before the start of the F1 season for example) and I cancel on day 31 (I've seen somewhere the minimum is 30 days) will the next month have already started?  I worked it out that stopping the boost for a week in between races would save me more  than a full month over the year. 

The headline price says it's charged monthly but the small print mentions 30 days, not clear (to me) if it means calendar month.


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Have a look at the Boosts billing section in the help article, does that make it any clearer?

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Thanks @ferguson 


That's the source of my confusion. It's because of the way that page (including the small print) explains how it works,  it mentions 30 days and 1 month but doesn't say if they are interchangeable.  

In the billing small print it mentions an unspecified 'commitment breakage fee' just to confuse the issue (or is it just me?). 


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The "commitment breakage fee" has always struck me as a bit curious as I am struggling to see the circumstances in which anyone would pay it, rather than seeing out the minimum period of just 30 days (or is it a month!) It is difficult to approach it with absolute precision, that help description is the clearest I have seen. I have flagged this up to the OCE, let's see if they can shed any further light.

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Hi Vitrocmax


It can also depend on your billing cycle.  Generally if you cancel a TV boost a day or 2 over the 30 days if the billing run has not been done yet for your billing cycle then you should be charged the part month.  If the billing run has completed then you may be charged for the full month, but the additional amount would then be credited back on the next bill.