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Sky movies on demand search for movies

First Timer

Hello .ive added movie bundle where there should be 1200 movies on demand but I cannot find any. If I go to cathegoriesa there is only few there and no search option. The search option from main tv mine just showing movies for buy/rent. Any idea? Thank you 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Nataliak


The availability of Sky Movies on demand does change from month to month and these are provided directly from Sky.


You will also find content in other sections such as the TalkTalk player where we often have some great Movies Box sets to view.





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Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


Community Star

Hi @Nataliak


What happens if you enter 501 on your remote and click on the current movie displayed ? Does it play or do you get a message on screen ? You may have to set up the channels if you haven't already. If it plays without a message then the boost has been set up properly.


I don't subscribe to SKY movies but I think that you should find the available movies by pressing the blue button on the remote > More TV > My Stuff then navigate from there.

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First Timer

I have this too, not explained very well here. You have the top 30 movies in any catagory (although a lot are repeated in action, sci fi etc) There isnt a search option, so you can only watch what ever the top 30 movies are!


This gives you at most 200 movies, a far cry from teh 1200 advertised on the Bundle.


There are films I know for a fact are currently on the Movies list but untill they move in to the top 30 for that category you cannot wtch them via this service.


First Timer
The charges changes from time to time, so likely you will see that often.

With Regards,
Caspi Hoydu
TalkTalk Products Team
Hi @swalker

There is a search function in the More TV area, you just need to press the Search button on your remote control and you'll be able to search for films and TV shows. If this isn't working, then you may need to try updating your Players and Apps software through the Settings menu.

Thanks, Holly
First Timer

If you read the original post, the search facility does indeed find stuff, just not whats on the sky movie package. I searched for example for Dr Strange and I could weatch now to 4.99 or something like that. No mention that it was on the movie selection I had already paid for.


Community Star

Hi @swalker


Dr Strange isn't available on NOW TV (SKY) apart from to buy from the SKY STORE.

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