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Sky sports racing

First Timer

Sky sports racing has now started broadcasting. When will it be available on talktalk tv please


Insightful One

@liszt333 have u looked online or in the my boots area on the site or looked on the talktalk tv site.


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Sky Sports racing is currently not available via the youview platform.


This may change in the future, but as yet no plans have been announced to offer this channel.





First Timer

Hi thanks for reply. What disappointed me somewhat was that at the same time sky sports racing was introduced Skysports USA was also added and this appeared straight away on Talktalk tv why? best regards


Wizz Kid

I think Sky Sports USA is just a re-branding of Sky Sports Action which is why there was no delay in it appearing.


When new channels are added such as Mix and Racing are launched by Sky quite if and when TalkTalk customers get them depends on Sky agreeing to supply them and TalkTalk agreeing to carry them.  All of which may involve discussions about money plus some techinical configuration if the money side of things is sorted out.

Community Star

Hi @liszt333


John_G is spot-on. Sky Sports USA, normally Sky Sports Action, joins Sky Sports' line-up of 10 dedicated sports channels as a pop-up channel, on air from January 3 to February 5.  The channel branding will then return to Sky Sports Action. 

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Still no news about Sky Sports Racing ?

This is a deal breaker upon renewal for me and others I presume 

Seems to be no further information since original posts in December?

Community Team



No plans have been announce to show Sky Sports Racing.