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Speed all over the place.

Wise Owl

I try speed testing at various times of the day. So far I am shown as little as 1.7 to as much  as 6.9 and sometimes my upload far exceeds my download. This has been tested on four different testers at different times of the day. I have been on about this subject recently abd was assured it had been rectified. Why am I getting these issues? Why can I be getting a faster speed reading from San Francisco thanI can get in the UK? Why do I have to keep complaining about the speed I can get at least three or four times a year. I thought this had been rectified but apparetly not. Should have gone to PLUSNET, too late now.

Andy MacPherson. Aged 80. Interests are varied.
Community Star

For the most accurate and reliable results use this tester with your computer/laptop wired directly to your router via an ethernet cable. Certain anti-virus software can distort results, try temporarily disabling this when running tests at different times of day.

Wise Owl

Thank you, ferguson, for the prompt reply. There must have been an anomaly earlier. I went back to my usual speed testers and they were all showing 6.5 to 6.9 which is what I usually receive. I am in a semi-rural area and 0.8 miles from the exchange and the houses are 20 odd years old. Thank you again,Andy.

Andy MacPherson. Aged 80. Interests are varied.
First Timer

Hey, when I observe my speed it varies to great extremes. Interestingly, at times, for 10 seconds or so my speed actually exceeds the maximum speed I was told my line was capable of and as I am sure you can understand, this perplexed me somewhat because I was told my line could not receive those speeds. 


Also, I the connection drops On a semi regular basis. It may happen a few times in a few hours or once a day. Either way, constant disconnections are a pain 🙂 


I very much hope we will find a solution/understanding of these issues, especially the first one because that confuses me and to no end. 


Ps. My 4g download often far exceeds my talktalk speeds.