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Subscription channels appear BLANK!

First Timer

Hi All.

All my subscription channels appear blank. I have read numerous threads/ blogs, forums and visited talktalk trouble shooting guides etc to no avail. I have had the same talktalk service/ hardware for two years and out of the blue this problem arises. I have disconnected/ reconnected, performed resets and have un-paired/ re-paired my powerline adaptors (all lights showing as they should). Other services on TV are fine (i player/ Netflix/ catch up etc). Help, Wisdom & Remedies Please! ☺

Community Star

There was an issue a few days ago with an update, which can be cured by going to settings and trying to update the software and rebooting teh box (it should do automatically if software found).


If this does not work then please let us know and I'll escalate for you.


Good luck

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Community Team

Hi Richard51


Are the channels showing in the guide ?


Can you access MORE TV from the youview menu and play some on demand content from your boosts, then go to the guide and select a channel and see if it is still blank or shows any on screen error ?


Are you using the supplied TalkTalk router ?


Have you tried connecting the TV box direct to the router to rule out an issue with the powerline adapters ?